Veteran lawyer and political activist Tunji Braithwaite died last weekend at the age of 82.

The late statesman spoke out against corruption and canvassed for Nigerian confederalism until his death.

Dr. Braithwaite founded the now-defunct Nigerian Advance Party and petitioned for a new confederal constitution to replace the 1999 constitution, arguing that the 1999 constitution encourages corruption by granting immunity to governors and presidents.


“Governors determine security votes which they do not account for. Since 1999, the military constitution clothes them [governors and presidents] with immunity against being arrested for criminal misdeeds,” he said.

Dr. Braithwaite believed that Nigeria should be reconstructed in such a way that gives greater autonomy to each State.

“The existing six geopolitical zones are uniquely different developmental problems for which a single ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution can never work in the reality of Nigeria’s diversity.”

Dr. Braithwaite reportedly died at St. Nicholas Hospital in Lagos after a brief illness.


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