London mayor Sadiq Khan has voiced his support for Jeremy Corbyn as he endorsed the Labour leader for Prime Minister.

The mayor said the choice between Mr Corbyn and Theresa May “was simple” and that voting for a Labour government would stop the Conservatives from securing “a bigger majority for a hard Brexit”.

He said that Mr Corbyn would be able to secure a good deal with the EU and protect jobs, the NHS and policing.

In an interview with Sky News, Mr Khan was asked if he could tell Londoners that Mr Corbyn was the best person to vote for as Prime Minister in the upcoming general election on June 8.


He replied: “The choice is simple. The choice is a Conservative prime minister who wants a bigger majority for a hard Brexit, risking jobs, growth and prosperity, or a Labour prime minister, Jeremy Corbyn, making sure we get a good deal with the European Union, protecting jobs, growth and prosperity, but also protecting the NHS, the police service and our city.

“We have had too many years of those who were the poorest, those who are working their socks off, not getting a fair share, and I’m hoping a Labour government will ensure that all of us get a fair share.”

Mr Khan’s remarks come despite him urging Labour members to vote for Owen Smith when he challenged Mr Corbyn for the leadership of the party last September.

In an article for the Observer, he said that while Mr Corbyn was a “principled Labour man”, he had shown he was not up to the job and was “extremely unlikely” to lead the party back to power.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn delivers a stump speech to Labour activists at Barclays in Croydon.

He criticised Mr Corbyn’s conduct during the EU referendum and said his position on membership of the European Union was never clear.

Mr Khan was one of the Labour MPs who nominated Mr Corbyn for the leadership in 2015 which appeared to help him beat Tess Jowell to the mayoral nomination.

But once he became candidate for mayor he appeared to distance himself from Mr Corbyn and went onto criticise the Labour leader.


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