UK Government Must Stop Using The Term BAME To Describe Ethnic Minorities

Why does the government need to stop using the term BAME when reportng on ethnic minorities? This is just ONE reason why.

Sky TV presenter Sophie Ridge challenges Health Secretary Matt Hancock by asking him how many black cabinet ministers there are.
The Minister responded by saying the current cabinet is “the most diverse” he has ever sat in.

He came up with the Home Secretary Priti Patel and Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak both Asian but struggled to name any BLACK ministers.

The minister’s ignorant response is proof that to many Whites, Blacks and Asians are all the same, and lumping the different races together under the same term is a gross disregard of the differences, or a deliberate attempt to group any race that is not white into a racial subdivision. Kind of like a “us against all the others” ideology.

Watch the video to see the minister’s astonishing response:

*Please sign the petition for the government to stop using the term BAME, at this link, and please share it with your networks

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