Following the IS terror attacks on Paris last week the earlier downing of the Russian jet over the Sinai Peninsula, and the deadly bombings in Lebanon this month, the United Nations Security Council have unanimously resolved to declare a common war against Isis and “eradicate” jihadists in Iraq and Syria.

According to the Independent, a new reality exists: with its alleged execution this week of a Chinese national, Isis has now slaughtered citizens of all five permanent Security Council members.

The French-drafted document urges UN members to “take all necessary measures” in the fight against IS.

IS said it carried out the Paris attacks, in which 130 people died.Flowers in a window shattered by a bullet at the Carillon cafe - one of the sites of the 13 November attacks in Paris

It also claimed deadly bombings in Lebanon this month, while an IS-linked group said it downed a Russian passenger plane in October.

The UN resolution 2249 also condemns recent attacks inSousse, Tunisia, and Ankara, Turkey.

It came as the Belgian authorities raised the terror alert to its highest level in the capital, Brussels, warning of an “imminent threat”.

The city’s metro system and other underground train lines have been closed until at least Sunday, and the public has been warned to avoid crowds, including shopping centres and concerts.

Belgium, and especially Brussels, have been at the centre of investigations into the militants behind the Paris attacks.9-Russian-AFP-Getty.jpg

One of those being sought, Salah Abdeslam, is believed to have gone back to Belgium.

The Belgian authorities also announced that a suspect had been charged with involvement in the attacks, bringing the number of people charged there to three.

On Friday evening, large crowds converged at the scenes of the attacks across the French capital at 21:20 (20:20 GMT) to hold vigils at the time the attacks started a week ago.

Since the attacks on Paris there is a sense of vulnerability across Europe: amongst parents with small children on packed buses, amongst young lovers off to the cinema.

Rome is installing metal detectors at the Coliseum after the FBI highlighted Italian monuments as terror targets.

Brussels cancelled an annual student festival in the city centre citing security concerns.

Copenhagen airport shut one of its terminals after a suspicious package alert.

Sweden raised the alarm nationwide after receiving intelligence of a planned attack, the same reason behind the last minute cancellation of this week’s Germany-Netherlands football match in Hannover.

God help us all.

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