The British Black Asian Minority Ethnic communities have been urged to play a more positive role in the political and public life of United Kingdom in order to move forward the efforts of past heroes who worked hard for the emancipation of BAME communal life in Britain.
Dr Dayo Olomu, a frontline BAME public figure and inspirational speaker, made the plea in his address while declaring open, the 7th Edition of BEFFTA, Europe’s biggest award ceremony for Black  Asian Minority Ethnic personalities in Entertainment, Film, Fashion, Television and Arts at the iconic Central Hall Westminster, London last weekend.
Dr Dayo Olomu started by asking the guests at the event if they agreed that Knowledge is Power? He then asserted that ‘rather than just knowledge alone, Applied Knowledge  is the real power”. He said “as a community, if we are ever going to make the change we desire, we should be more involved in the British public life including being engaged in the political process”.
Charging the mostly BAME audience that they have become mere spectators rather than players in the British political process and public life, he stressed that “we cannot make the desired change as spectators and unless we take active part and our voices are heard more, the labours and historical freedom fight  of our past heroes in the British core life may be dwindled or completely obliterated”. “We are a formidable community and our actions or inactions  have been relegating most of our collective goals”, opined the passionate and dynamic leader who has for several years engaged in empowerment activities for various communities in the United Kingdom and London metropolis.
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Dr Olomu, who is a school governor in Croydon, vice chairman of CIPD South London, and who has mentored more than 1,000 people since 1996 called for collaborative action in the community in order to influence the political systems with our numbers. He urged BAMEs to leverage their skills and experience to support the community for example by serving as school governors, magistrates, Trustees or Board of a charities and public bodies.
Dr Olomu congratulated all nominees for their “can-do attitude” which has led them to being recognised by an organisation such as BEFTTA. He also commended, Pauline Long, the Founder of BEFFTA and the entire team for organising , Europe’s biggest award ceremony for Black Asian Minority Ethnic personalities in Entertainment, Film, Fashion, Television, Arts, Sports and Leadership.
Story by Jummy  Ariyo

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