Passports in the UK are issued by the Queen, under Her Majesty’s name.

This is why the Queen doesn’t need her own passport to travel.

However, if the monarchy ever changes, it could bring about confusion regarding current passports in circulation. Will they still be valid? What will happen to our Queen Elizabeth-issued documents?

Looking back at how the situation was handled when the Queen took over from her father, King George VI in 1952, is a nod toward how the situation would play out when the next successor takes over the crown.

Queen Elizabeth II is currently set to be succeeded by her son, Prince Charles: the Prince would become His Majesty.

Passports currently state: “Her Britannic Majesty’s Secretary of State requests and requires in the name of Her Majesty all those whom it may concern to allow the bearer to pass freely without let or hindrance and to afford the bearer such assistance and protection as may be necessary.”

Therefore this would then be changed to the male pronoun for any new passports that would then be issued.

When Prince Charles does take over, however, any older passports that don’t have the new phrasing would be unaffected and not forced to change until they are renewed.

Like currency, they would phase the new passports in over time.

british passport monarchy change queen elizabeth II


British passports would change from Her Majesty to His Majesty on the Queen’s death

Travel forum Quora also explained how it would work in terms of the passport validity.

User Nick Cooper wrote: “Most passports are ten years (five for children), so will all be renewed in due course.

“There is certainly no history of replacing passports en masse when we went from “His Majesty” to “Her Majesty” in 1952-53, so there is absolutely no expectation that the same will not be the case again.”

It is the same for any bank notes, coins and stamps, which will also continue until they are out of circulation.


When Charles becomes king, new notes and coins will immediately go into production bearing the new monarch’s portrait – though it could take several years before Britain’s entire stock of currency is replaced.

It is widely believed that the Prince of Wales has already sat for portraits that will be used on new currency, stamps and postboxes.

Buckingham Palace does not comment on the details of the accession, but it is thought that preparations have been ongoing for many years.


queen passport monarchy elizabeth IIGetty

The British passport is currently given in Her Majesty’s name

Although it’s not the only reason why passports may need to be updated in the upcoming years.

With the UK leaving the EU, the British passport would still be valid but it may need extra validity like in other countries which require three months left of their passport to travel to the country.

Yet until then, the current passport system remains for all countries in the EU.

Any changes that will take place are likely to happen in 2019.



Charles will become king on the instant that the Queen passes away.

The accession council will convene at St James’s Palace as soon as possible to declare him as the new monarch, although this is a formality.

Britain will enter a period of mourning for 12 days, during which time the BBC will suspend all comedy programming.

The Queen’s funeral is expected to be the biggest state funeral in history, with millions likely to travel to London to pay their respects to Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.


Some months later, Charles will be coronated at Westminster Abbey.

Clarence House has not said whether Camilla will take the title Queen, although a recent survey found that 39 per cent of people would support the decision.

In 2005, when Charles and Camilla married, that number was just seven per cent.

The Queen’s death will shake up the royal line of succession.


Prince William, Kate, George and CharlotteGETTY

On the Queen’s death, Prince William will become first-in-line to the throne

Prince William will become first-in-line to the throne, and will take the title The Prince of Wales.

Kate will be entitled to use the style Princess of Wales, although some believe the title could be rested out of respect for Diana.

Prince George will become second-in-line to the throne, with Princess Charlotte third-in-line and Prince Harry fourth-in-line.

If Harry has married girlfriend Meghan Markle by this time, the couple will be known as The Prince and Princess Henry.

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