In times past, Yoruba women relied on satanic evil weapons given to them by native doctors or “babalawos” to deal with their love rivals or “orogun”. You heard of people running mad, losing a child, or all sorts of calamities allegedly caused by “orogun”. In fact in yorubaland, nothing was and in some quaters, is still being,  believed to happen without it being caused by juju (fetish means) administered by a jealous rival.

The babalawos were rich, revered and respected. Business boomed due to no lack  of constant streams of jealous or scorned women who wanted to get rid of their husband’s or boyfriend’s new love.

Do you know that as a yoruba woman, you were considered foolish if you did not have a “baba” taking care of business for you. You were either foolish, stupid or careless because having your “babas” power behind you ensured that your husband’s eyes were fixed on only you to the exclusion of other women or that he loved you more than the other wives if you were in a polygamous set up .

While it is not certain that the preventive measures always worked, as many of our fathers and their fathers before them filled their homes with multiple wives, and that was not just the muslims.


What is however suspiciously certain were the possibility that the babas were able to deal with the rivals through their children. Where a wife was unable to conceive, it was usually attributed to the rivals “oogun” (native weapon)
And if a rival had a “challenged child” a sickly child or even lost a child, again that was always said to be the handiwork of the orogun.
Young women and frightenly, university ladies also paid great patronage to their own special babas who assisted them in landing rich men who spent heavily on them, bought them cars, took them on expensive holidays abroad and set them up in huge duplexes. Of course these girls more often than never usually ended up as these rich men’s second wife and as such, the babalawos life client .

And the patronage of babalawos was not limited to the womenfolk.

Men too were also known to consult the herbalists to seek assistance in getting rid of work colleagues, competitors for promotion, bosses or even their bosses new favourite . Men sought out babalawos to deliver that demonic weapon that will destroy someone they owe money to rather than paying back or simply kill off someone because they are interested in their wife.

But nowadays, with the advent of what is fast being accepted to be the most potent weapon on the planet, rivals do not need babalawos or their juju anymore.

In the past 5 years , we have seen social media steadily rise and become the new way of communicating, connecting and staying in touch. Many people and not just wonen, spend a great chunk of each day on Facebook or Instagram – updating their status, snooping on partners and ex partners, checking out the latest gossip and catching up on the new scandalous drama. If Mark Zuckerberg were to charge each user just 1p per hour for staying on Facebook , I bet he will be richer than all the  richest people on the planet put together including King Solomon.

I  must hasten to add however that many folks do use social media for more honourable and worthwhile purposes such as genuine business marketing and networking. Many entrepreneurs rely on social media to reach their  clientelle and target market and even Christian Fellowship and Evangelism have found a great medium on social media.


There is something on social media for everyone and I always say that whatever you want from the Internet, you will find quickly. And whatever you place on the  Internet will also circulate quickly .


social media a

Which is why it has now become the modern tool of preference for people to air their  grievances or deal with rivals and opponents.  If you required the services of the babalawo in the past, be prepared to shell out for the cost of a long list of requirements such as cows, goats, gallons of palm oil, human head, human hair, human eyes and other ridiculous items plus large sums of money.

But in this day and age, all you need is your own phone, laptop or ipad and enough data, and you are set. Simply sit down, type out some carefully constructed sentences made up of lies, embarassing truths, rumours, or very private information,  add some clearly focused or photoshopped pictures and send to everyone on your 250 whatsapp broadcast list; sit back and relax. By the end of the hour you can be  guaranteed that number will rise to 2500 views and 250,000 on facebook, instagram and twitter by the end of the day. And once its out there, there’s no deleting it or taking it back. Without having spent  a penny, you have  set in motion a simple plot that can potentially destroy a life or end a marriage.

Many innocent people have seen their reputation ruined forever from a stupid photograph they allowed a lover to take of them in the heat of passion while others have found themselves stars in widely shared sex videos.

Many people and even young school children have committed suicide because some nude pictures they sent to their boyfriend have found their way onto social media or some video they made with their lover has been released on YouTube after the relationship turned sour.

How about recordings that some women make, spilling out long held secrets of their friends and posting on social media the moment there is a falling out or breakdown in the relationship?

Even employers and potential employers are known to browse social media to find out more,  or dig dirt on their employees. Many criminal cases have  been solved using what the police have been able to dig up from social media .


But we must always remember that social media is not the evil culprit here. It is the use of it in the hands of humans. It becomes a weapon in the hands of those who use it for evil practice .

The  wide and wild use of social media to defame, blackmail or destroy means people don’t require the services of babalawos anymore.

The most dangerous weapons are no  longer the fetish ones and many babalawos have been put out of business.

Social media is now the new weapon of mass destruction and can be used against anyone.


Lord help us!


Copyright Jummy Ariyo


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