A Woolwich drug dealer who was hiding a gun used in two south London murders was finally caught and jailed after a three-year search.

Andrew Chambers was living in Harlinger Street when police were finally able to track the “dangerous” man down.

When police nabbed the 34-year-old, he originally gave them an alias, but once in the car on the way to the police station, he told the officers “well done, good job” and confirmed he was the wanted criminal.

On September 23, 2013, police raided Chambers’ home in Southwark where he was living at the time.

There police found £250,000 worth of cocaine and crack cocaine and a gun that had been used in two murders.



The Glock stashed in Chambers’ room had been used in the murder of 24-year-old Errol Davis in front of 2,500 clubbers in Southwark on October 5, 2008.

It was also linked to the murder of 25-year-old Larry Safie who was shot dead in East Dulwich on February 22, 2009.

It was also used in two attempted murders, one on August 16, 2007 in West Norwood, where the victim was shot five times, and an incident in Peckham Rye on January 26, 2009, where the victim was shot once in the shoulder.

While the gun was used in these four shootings, Chambers was not responsible for them and was just holding the weapon for gang associates.

Finding the gun though may yet be the key for solving these cases, as the perpetrators of the two fatal shootings and one attempted murder in West Norwood have yet to be found.

The three-year search for Chambers included a £20,000 reward and an appeal on Crimewatch in 2015.

It wasn’t until October 13, 2016, when police stopped a minicab near Woolwich Ferry, that Chambers was finally caught.

Chambers didn’t give his correct name, but police felt they knew they had gotten the correct man and arrested him in connection to the gun and drugs found in Southwark.

It wasn’t until they were on their way back to the police station that Chambers finally congratulated the police on locating him and revealed his true identity.

Chambers was sentenced at Croydon Crown Court on July 28 to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to possession of a firearm and ammunition, and two counts of possession with intent to supply drugs.

Acting Detective Inspector Martin Thorpe, from the Met Police’s homicide and major crime command, said: “We have waited over three years to get to this point and I am glad justice has now been served.

“Chambers did everything he could to evade capture and no doubt got complacent and thought he had got away with the offences committed in 2013.

“A dangerous man is now off the streets and I hope his sentence serves as a warning to those intent on concealing weapons and dealing drugs, we will continue to pursue you no matter the length of time.”



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