If you’re the one in four office workers who doesn’t wash their hands after using the loo, hear this: you’re disgusting.


This poor hygiene habit spreads millions of bacteria around the office, contaminating your colleagues, your keyboard and, wait for it, your mouth.


This is just one of the ways that nasty germs spread throughout your work space. Another, unbeknownst to many, is how you flush.

“If you go to the toilet and you don’t put the lid down before you flush, when you do flush the germs that are in the toilet will spread around the toilet cubicle,” explains Dr Lisa Ackerley, Professorial Fellow at the Royal Society of Public Health.

“This means they could land on the toilet seat or toilet paper itself and that means they could be spread on your hands and other surfaces later on.

Did you know?

  • 1 in 4 office workers don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom
  • After using the loo, we have as many as 200m bacteria per square inch on each hand
  • Office workers come into contact with 10 million bacteria a day
  • Contaminated hands can transfer viruses to five more surfaces and 14 other subjects

*Shudders again*

Dr Ackerley shares her top tips on how to prevent the spreading of germs:

  • Apply hand sanitizer after leaving bathroom, so if someone else hasn’t washed their hands.
  • Use a seat cleaner to remove toilet seat germs after flushing.
  • Wash your hands effectively, and dry them thoroughly.

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