Meeting, falling in love and hooking up with the man or woman of your dream is what we all dream of and many of us actually do manage to make our dream come true by finding our Mr or Mrs. Right. The one who makes us go weak in the knees and our hearts beat so fast at the mere sight of them.

in the early days of our relationships, we can barely manage to survive 1 day without being in the presence of our lover or partner and we want to spend every available moment with them.

But isn’t it amazing how easily and how unbelievably quickly some of us fall out of love? Ho that person you thought you could not breathe without becomes the last person you wish to set your eyes upon. Even their voice that used to melt your heart now  sounds like a food blender in your ears.

This is because when many couples get together the pulling force is usually physical attraction or lust. While that is not a bad thing in itself as one is primarily drawn to another person by the physical qualities one sees like beauty, height, looks, appearance etc,  people make the mistake of forgetting to move on from  lust and develop real feelings based on love, friendship, trust, understanding and respect – all the ingredients that make for a real relationship.

We have come up with the following points that we believe will help couples develop their relationship and stay in love longer:=

1. Do more activities together
Common interests can greatly strengthen your relationship. Being involved in something that unites you is really beneficial. There are plenty of options and you can choose either to take part in a charity or set up your own business. Another good idea would be to start remodeling your home together with your partner. When you do more various activities together you find out a lot more about the person you are in love with plus you reveal yourself as a personality much better. Spending more time with your kids is another alternative. Dedicate more time to each other in a more original way – no doubt you can think of plenty of cool activities to do and enjoy with your partner.


2. Move closer to each other at night
Physical contact is one of the most important parts in any relationship. We are now talking about something different than pure sex. Touching your partner and feeling his touch on your skin influence the rush of brain chemicals that send signals to both of you informing that you are special to each other. Try this little secret if you want to have a happy relationship.




3. Use devices less
We are dependent on modern technologies. We think that they make our life more convenient, simpler and easier. However, there is a negative aspect as well. Currently people spend time on their computers much more than they should. Others love watching TV in the evening instead of communicating with their family, friends or kids. The less you talk to your partner, the more distant and aloof you become to each other. It is an established fact that gadgets that we use are capable of ruining your love life. We do understand that it is absolutely impossible to get rid of all equipment that we use. But what we can do is to limit technologies and dedicate less time to electronic devices that are trying to interfere with our private lives. Be smarter than your own gadgets – control them and do not let them control you. Just agree to use all those ‘evil’ machines less frequently.

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4. Take a break and have some rest
You might have a lot of responsibilities. For example, you are expected to do your best at work. Then you get back home to take care of your kids. You also do your housework and feel how cleaning, ironing and washing up take most of your precious time. Just think a little and you will understand that all the above-mentioned tasks will never end! Step by step you turn into your own routine’s slave. Leave all this fuss for some time and spend your time with your boyfriend or husband. It’s high time for both of you to take a break and have a good rest together. Let it be a short vacation, a weekend out, just a picnic. Or, if you can afford a trip somewhere, go ahead and book the flight. It’s not about where you spend your time. Rather, it’s all about who with and how you spend it. Make it as romantic and sweet as possible.


5. Be thankful
Do you appreciate what your partner does for you? You know, all those everyday little things, such as cooking your favorite dish, bringing your morning coffee and things like that. Saying ‘thank you’ more often is extremely important. It is great if you let you spouse or boyfriend hear these words from you regularly. Express your gratitude in a sincere manner, hug him and smile to him more often.


6. Compliment each other
Unfortunately, none of us is perfect. Once we meet someone special for the first time and fall in love with each other, we tend to notice only the person’s best features and traits. Time flies and later on we start seeing and noticing that the person we are in a relationship with has flaws as well. The worst thing is that we are tolerant to our own flaws yet we do not want to accept the fact that the other person has the right to be imperfect too. Criticizing and blaming your partner is the worst thing you can do. Focus only on the positive moments and what you like about the person you are with. Compliment him on what he does better than you. Pay attention to what made you fall in love with him and refresh that sensation.

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7. Keep the fire burning
Being in a relationship is a great experience. People complete each other, which makes them a match or, in other words, a perfect couple. No matter how close you are, there are some certain circumstances that can affect even a very good relationship. Nowadays the tempo of our life is truly crazy. We are constantly busy, rushing somewhere and trying to do a few things at the same time. Routine and multitasking can destroy your personal life. So our advice is: never ever let the outside world dominate your privacy. Appreciate companionship, the sense of the wellbeing and closeness that your relationship gives you. Do all possible to maintain your bond; learn to make it even tighter by spending more time with your beloved. According to experts, those who love and feel loved stay healthier for longer.


8. Working out together
Keeping in shape is more fun when it is done with your spouse. Watch your partner do sports and practice your own workout routine together. You can either go to the same gym or jog around your block every morning or evening. Most people who have tried it claim that they feel a much stronger physical attraction to their partner during such ‘sessions’. Try and see if they are right

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