US-Nigerian Graduate Shot Dead At Gas Station Weeks After Starting New Job

25 year old Alexander Nwogu was killed just weeks after he started working at a consulting firm in Northern Virginia.


A police report said Nwogu suffered blunt trauma to the back of his head and a single gunshot wound to the middle of his back. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

“We are exploring the possibility,” said Brianna Jordan, spokeswoman for D.C. police. She said detectives “are very early in the investigation.” Police said robbery is a possible motive in both incidents.


Alexander graduated in May with a bachelors of science in industrial and systems engineering degree.


D.C. police say a $25,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for Nwogu’s death.


London Placed On High COVID-19 Alert

London has been moved from the medium and placed on an Tier 2, high COVID 19 alert following the sharp rise in the number of cases in the capital.

According to the Department of Health and Social Care, following close discussions with local leaders, the following areas will move from local COVID alert level: medium to local COVID alert level: high

  • London (all 32 boroughs and the City of London)

  • Elmbridge

  • Essex (area covered by Essex County Council only)

  • Barrow-in-Furness

  • York

  • North East Derbyshire

  • Erewash

  • Chesterfield

The alert will take effect from Saturday 17 October at 00:01am

This means that for these areas, strictly restrictions including the following measures will be in place:

  • people must not meet with anybody outside their household or support bubble in any indoor setting, whether at home or in a public place

  • people must not meet in a group of more than 6 outside, including in a garden or other space

  • people should aim to reduce the number of journeys they make where possible. If they need to travel, they should walk or cycle where possible, or plan ahead and avoid busy times and routes on public transport

These measures will be reviewed every 14 days to consider whether they are still appropriate.

The rate of COVID-19 infections is rising rapidly across the UK. The ONS estimate that one in every 240 people in England had the virus in the week from 25 September to 1 October and that the numbers infected are doubling every seven to 12 days. Cases are not evenly spread, with infection rates rising more rapidly in some areas than others.

In London, infection rates are on a steep upward path, with the number of cases detected through NHS Test and Trace doubling over the last ten days. The 7-day average case rate today stands at 97 per 100,000 people, rising sharply. In 13 boroughs the rate is now above 100 per 100,000 people, with Hackney at 134, Richmond upon Thames at 138 and Ealing at 144.

The first peak demonstrated that the infection can spread fast and put huge pressure on the NHS. So having discussed with local leaders the government has taken the decision to act now to bring infection down.

All available data for the areas that will move to local COVID alert level: high on Saturday has been assessed by the government, including the Health and Social Care Secretary, NHS Test and Trace, the Joint Biosecurity Centre (JBC), Public Health England (PHE), the Chief Medical Officer and the Cabinet Office. Data assessed includes incidence, test positivity and the growth rate of the virus.

It is essential that these outbreaks are contained to protect lives and our NHS, and prevent greater economic damage in the future. We face a new challenge as we head into the winter, and we know that even mild cases of COVID-19 can have devastating consequences for people in all age groups, along with the risk of long COVID.



We Are 6 Years Today!

We started collating & broadcasting stories, writing and publishing articles and journals, and highlighting major incidents, personalities and achievements in 2014.

We hope to be able to continue doing all these and more for many more years to come.

We give special thanks and appreciation to all our loyal readers and followers who are the main backbone behind this outfit because without your consistent interest in us, there will be no point to do what we do.

Thank you all.

Happy Anniversary to us


And The Nobel Prize For Peace Winner 2020 – Is Not Trump

American President Donald Trump has been denied this years Nobel Prize for Peace.

Trump had earlier boasted about his shocking nomination by Norwegian far-right MP, named Christian Tybring-Gjedde, as a badge of acceptance and approval of his handling of the Coronavirus Pandemic and for normalising relations between Isreal and the United Arab Emirates.

However, the The Norwegian Nobel Committee decided instead to award the Prize to the United Nation’s World Food Programme (WFP). This the organisation said was for the UN’s efforts to combat hunger, for its contribution to bettering conditions for peace in conflict-affected areas and for acting as a driving force in efforts to prevent the use of hunger as a weapon of war and conflict.

The World Food Programme is the world’s largest humanitarian organisation addressing hunger and promoting food security. In 2019, the WFP provided assistance to close to 100 million people in 88 countries who are victims of acute food insecurity and hunger. In 2015, eradicating hunger was adopted as one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The WFP is the UN’s primary instrument for realising this goal. In recent years, the situation has taken a negative turn. In 2019, 135 million people suffered from acute hunger, the highest number in many years. Most of the increase was caused by war and armed conflict.

The coronavirus pandemic has contributed to a strong upsurge in the number of victims of hunger in the world. In countries such as Yemen, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, South Sudan and Burkina Faso, the combination of violent conflict and the pandemic has led to a dramatic rise in the number of people living on the brink of starvation. In the face of the pandemic, the World Food Programme has demonstrated an impressive ability to intensify its efforts. As the organisation itself has stated, “Until the day we have a medical vaccine, food is the best vaccine against chaos.”

The Nobel Prizes most years are presented to recipients in Stockholm and Oslo in December. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the committees are changing their approaches. Some of the events in Stockholm will be cancelled in favour of a digital ceremony for the Nobelists, and medals and diplomas are to be distributed to the recipients’ embassies and handed over in their home countries. Recipients may be invited to the award ceremony for 2021, if possible.

Ogun State Government Gifts Big Brother Winner N5m Cash And 3-bed House

The winner of the Big Brother Naija 2020 Lockdown, Olamilekan Moshood Agbelesebioba has been appointed a Youth Ambassador of Ogun State.

A statement by the state Governor Dr Dapo Abiodun confirmed the appointment in addition to gifts of a three bedroom house and a cash totalling N5million.

The governor relayed the development when he played host to the winner known as Laycon in his Oke-Mosan office in Abeokuta last week.

According to the Governor, the appointment and gifts are a celebration of Laycon’s good character, intellect and virtues which were proven to the whole world on live TV as better choices than vices.

The governor described the reality TV show winner as a proud son of Ogun State, who displayed the essence of focus in the face of temptations and provocations. This is the true Ogun State spirit, and it indeed confirms that this earned him his academic achievement at the University of Lagos, the governor added.

“Entertainment and academics”, Hi Excellency continud, “mix finely for a good result. So I urge parents to let their children explore outside the classroom”

In conclusion, he said. “We are therefore now finalising plans to establish in Ogun State, an Entertainment Village for artistes and artists to nurture their skills and talents”.

Dr Abiodun further extolled the qualities of Ogun State Youths describing them as a blessing.

Viral Video of Nigerian Celebrity Pleasuring Himself Appears on Social Media

**The story contains a video of a very graphic nature**

It now seems the trend nowadays is for grown men to whip out and video or photograph their private member as way of introduction to women.

Not too long ago, it was embarrassing and humiliating images of women – married, young and single, in all kinds of states of nudity that were “doing the rounds” on social media. It became very common to see videos posted by former lovers in revenge porn culture after romances and illicit liaisons became sour, and bitter former partners posted such images on social media as a way of exacting revenge.

But as many of us campaigned for revenge porn awareness, and educated women of the risks involved in sex videos or of sending nude pictures of themselves to their partners, women now seem wiser and you no longer see so much videos of women and girls having intercourse on video or of pictures of their intimate parts on the request of their men.

Now it is our men that whip out their genitals and send to women either to show what they are missing or what they have to offer.

Another thing, several of these men are married men that often showcase themselves as family men or fathers on social media.

Warning: very graphic video

One of such worrisome videos of a grown celebrity man who bears very close similarity to Mr Kokumo Mogaji, Music Promoter and Fuji music star Wasiu Ayinde KWAM 1’s former Manager pleasuring himself on video landed in my box just last night….

And sadly, as a female in the public domain, I regrettably find myself the recipient of many of such images from men who are either too timid to hold a proper conversation with a woman….or are simply “cock-sure” of their gifts and want me to know it….

Thank God I do not have nightmares…..

What is this world coming to….?

ANYONE who knowingly and willingly produces and sends a self porn video through any medium in this day and age, does so with the full knowledge of the risks involved and should be ready for the fallout.

Selfie porn is not and can never be safe regardless of the assumed privacy of the action – in any hands.

Yesterday’s lover, partner or even spouse can be the greatest enemy tomorrow. And there is no way you can predict what a spurned, bitter and scorned lover will do. Besides, your phone can fall into anybody’s hands. And once the images are out there, they can never be deleted no matter how many people you appeal to.


Even with your spouse

Disclaimer: We at bear no responsibility for the video in this story which is publicly and freely available on various public platforms and mediums

Police officer gets stuck on gate poles during foot chase


Police Officer Shot Dead By Detainee At Croydon Police Station

At approximately 02:15hrs on Friday, 25 September a police officer was shot by a man who was being detained at Croydon Custody Centre in Windmill Lane.

Officers and paramedics treated him at the scene and he was taken to hospital by London Ambulance Service. Very tragically he subsequently died at hospital.

New Scotland Yard says “We are in the process of informing all of the officer’s family and are supporting them with specialist officers”

A 23-year-old man was detained by officers at the scene. He was also taken to hospital with a gunshot wound and remains in a critical condition.

No police firearms were discharged during the incident.

A murder investigation has been launched following the shooting.

Commissioner Cressida Dick said: “This is a truly shocking incident in which one of our colleagues has lost his life in the most tragic circumstances. My heart goes out to his family, direct colleagues and friends.

“We are currently supporting his family and also have a dedicated team providing support to the officers and those in the custody centre who witnessed the shooting.

“When a colleague dies in the line of duty the shockwaves and sadness reverberates throughout the Met and our communities. Policing is a family, within London and nationally, and we will all deeply mourn our colleague.

“We are in the early stages of the investigation and are still working to establish the circumstances surrounding the incident and we will provide further updates when we have them.”

We have referred the incident to the Independent Office for Police Conduct who will lead an independent investigation. The MPS retain primacy of the murder investigation.

Relationship Matterz: Is She Really Happy..Or You Just Think So?

So you think you are making her happy….

Read this:

A woman told her husband of 25 years that she wanted out of the marriage and was getting a divorce.

Shocked, surprised, amazed and amused, the husband responded “Why? I thought we were happy. After all I have done for you? I put a very expensive roof over your head. You drive an expensive car. You wear the finest designer wears that I buy for you? Your kids go to the most expensive private schools. You go on vacation to exotic places your parents never visited? I have loved you since I first met you and I still love you now. What more do you want?

“That, is the point” The woman started

“In that entire speech, how many “we” are there? It is always what you do. Not what we do – as a couple. I have become your project and ceased to be your wife. Your partner. Your lover”.

“You buy beautiful expensive clothes for me, but you never see me in them, or tell me how beautiful I look in them”.

“You put an expensive roof over my head, but you are never under the roof with me”.

“Our kids are not just my kids as you put it. They are ours, and the school they go to is not for my benefit. You are doing it for them”.

“The expensive car you bought me, when have you sat in it with me, or taken me on a drive in it”?

“When you met and fell in love with me, we did a lot of interesting things together like clubbing, going on drives, travelling, go to the cinema, eating out, visiting friends……

When was the last day you took me clubbing…. or anywhere”?

“The exotic vacations I go on are empty because you do not go with me. It’s just me and the kids. Vacations are meant for couples or families. And even though my parents never went on expensive vacations, they do things together and they are happy together. What was the last thing you and I did together”?

“When last did we sit down to gossip, chat, gist and have a laugh together!?

“When you do talk to me, it is usually about your sister and her husband, about your boss, about the car, the bills, your parents, your appointments. You don’t even bother asking me about MY LIFE or things happening in it…and when I do start to talk, you suddenly receive a call on your phone”.

“How often do we have sex? When we first met, we used to sneak and have sex anywhere we could find. Now, we only have sex on……. I cannot even remember”!

“I am only in my 50s. I am still young. I feel young. I am beautiful. I take extremely good care of my health, of my body and my looks. But I am neglected. I feel sexy but I never have sex. I get looks and whistles from sexy young men outside, and I even get tempted – but I am am a God fearing Christian woman. I am loyal to you and I respect my marital vows”.

“I dress up and look like a slay queen, but the only whistles, sexts and dirty pictures I get are from strangers”.

“I feel I am married to myself. Other times, I feel like a single mum. At lest single mums can go on dates”.

“And the only few times that you are actually at home, you are either on your phone, on Facebook or on your various Whatsapp groups. You are there physically, but not with me”

“During the 5 months of lock-down, we barely spoke 10 sentences to each other. And we lived like co-lodgers, not as a married couple”

Yes, I look happy. I look bubbly. I look contented. But I feel empty, lonely, unloved and neglected. If this is what marriage is supposed to be, I do not want it. And if I am going to be single, let me be officially and legally single”

“I am gone”

How many of you guys TALK to your wives to find out what they are actually feeling or thinking. Because what you think, and what she is actually thinking are not always the same. It is said that guys cheat because they want to, because it is what guys do, but women cheat because they feel neglected.

Are you neglecting your wife? Because you just might be sending her away.

You may think you are making her happy. But is she actually happy…..really?

Contrary to what many people think, expensive objects and shiny things cannot make up for the loss, or absence of human contact. And a relationship is not built on the abundance of material things. Without maintaining the mental, emotional and physical connection in a relationship, what follows is the growing apart and a mental distancing situation occurs between the couple. This is where two people are together but not connecting.

Sadly, many people do not seem to understand this, and most men believe material security is all a woman needs to make her happy. And will not know why some will feel unhappy and neglected despite being surrounded by so much wealth and opulence.

Think again.

Then talk to her. Listen to her. Properly


Nigeria Launches Survival Fund For Small Businesses

The MSME Survival Fund was launched Monday 14th September 2020

The N75 billion Fund is part of the Nigeria Economic Sustainability Plan stimulus program to support 1.7 million self-employed persons and medium to small businesses across Nigeria.

The Sustainability Fund committee was set up by President Buhari and will be chaired by Vice President Yemi Oshibajo.

It is hoped that the fund will be able to help a total of 75% female owned small businesses and businesses owned by people with special needs 

The fund will also offer payroll support to 500,000 vulnerable MSMES in meeting payroll obligations for employees earning between N30,000 to N50,000 per month. This assistance will be met for 3 months.

Registration for Payroll Support begins on 21st September 2020

For more details on the fund, please visit


Life After Otunba Femi: I am Happy And Have Moved On

Toyin Akinwole, the lady at the centre of the devilish act of blackmail and fraud at the hands of the scammer and blackmailer Otunba Femi Adesanya is now living a new life back in her US base of Atlanta.

Toyin who was scammed out of a total of N71m by Otunba aided by her former friend Sherifat and Alufa Shehu, a fake muslin cleric, also unfortunately lost her nursing agency to her former husband. However, she was awarded the ownership of the Ijebu Ode mansion acquired by Shehu from the proceeds of his evil scam.

She was not able to retrieve all of the funds fraudulently stolen from her, but she managed to get a substantial fraction back in cash. She will also be in the position to get more from the proceeds of the sale of Shehu’s house.

But life couldnt be any sweeter for the Toyin who is now settled with a new business and is now putting the entire ugly episode behind her following the sentencing of Adesanya to 21 years in prison by the Lagos State Special Offences court on Wednesday.

This will sound as a warning to all women to be really careful of the friends they keep and the company they associate with.

But a stronger warning has been sent to all wanna be fraudsters who take advantage of women. The days of free loaders and lady-killers are coming to an end in Nigeria.

Hope Otunba’s disgrace will teach his colleagues a strong lesson

France Sets A New Records With Over 10,000 New COVID19 Cases In 24 Hours

France has recorded 10,561 new confirmed COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours, according to health authorities on Saturday (Sep 12),

This new figure marks a new daily record as the number topped 10,000 for the first time.

The latest daily count, surpassing the previous record of 9,843 new infections reported on Thursday, highlights a resurgence of the disease in France.

The rise led the government to outline additional measures on Friday to avert a return to the general lockdown put in place earlier in the year. Prime Minister Jean Castex promised steps to speed up tests and toughen local measures in high-infection zones.

Castex himself ended a stint in isolation after twice testing negative for COVID-19.

In its daily update, the French health ministry also reported that 772 clusters were being investigated, an increase of 86 in the past 24 hours.

Over the past week, there had been 2,432 arrivals in hospital for COVID-19, including 417 entries into intensive care units, the ministry said.

The death toll since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak this year in French hospitals and nursing homes has reached 30,910, with 17 deaths recorded in the past 24 hours, it added.


21 Years Jail Sentence For Fraudster Who Posted Nude Pictures On Social Media (updated)

*This story has been updated to include the true version of events*

Paul Femi Adesanya was last Friday sentenced by The Lagos State Special Offences Court in Ikeja for defrauding American-based Mrs Oluwatoyin Akinwole, of the sum of N36.7m.

The lady later committed suicide by jumping off the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos.

Adesanya started an adulterous affair with the late Akinwole on a visit to Nigeria, and during some of their thrysts, took several pornographic images and videos of his victim.

After she returned to her base in the US, Adesanya started to demand huge sums of money from his “lover” which she initially obliged. Soon his demands became more expensive and when she failed to continue paying up, he resorted to blackmail and threatened to release the nude images he had taken of her on social media unless she paid him the extortionate amount of N38m.

Unable to come up with such, Adesanya went ahead with his threats and posted the images and videos which quickly went viral across the world.

The prosecuting counsel for the EFCC, Samuel Daji, said Adesanya acted contrary to sections 1(1) and 1(3) of the Advance Fee Fraud Act; as well as sections 278 and 285 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State

In her judgement on Friday, Justice Dada convicted Adesanya of the three counts filed against him by the EFCC.

The judge said she was satisfied that the prosecution proved the charges beyond reasonable doubts.

“I hereby sentence you to 14 years’ imprisonment on counts one and two, from the date of arraignment. These sentences are to run concurrently.

“On count three, for stealing, the convict is sentenced to seven years in prison,” the judge held.

*This report could contain inconsistencies that will be corrected as more reliable details are obtained

The real version of the story

We have now obtained the true version of the events in this story. The adultery and suicide were events fabricated and circulated by Adesanya as part of his sick extortion and blackmail game. Please read the true account of the saga from the mouth of Mrs Akinwole who we understand is still well and alive, and back in Texas where she is based:

“I am a businesswoman and I live in Texas, United States of America. Sherrifat lives in the USA and we were close friends when this issue started and she was the person who linked me to an Alfa named Ganiu Awojobi in Nigeria, but I wasn’t talking to the Alfa. Sherifat traveled to London, England in March 2017 to meet Otunba Adesanya, who she was having an affair with and she called to tell me that the Alfa told her that my death was imminent, except I perform some prayers.

‘’While she was saying this, Otunba Adesanya, came in and told me that he knows the Alfa very well and that I should obey him because he is very powerful and well known in Nigeria.

Otunba Adesanya, also told me that he had several businesses in Nigeria including petrol filling stations in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State.

Alfa Awojobi, was demanding N154,000 for the prayers and I told Sherifat and Otunba that I didn’t have such money. Otunba Adesanya offered to pay N100,000 for me, while he asked me to pay the balance.’’

Continuing, she said:’’ I did what they said and Alfa started praying for me. He did that until April, 2018, and he insisted that I must come to Nigeria for the final prayers. I was really scared then and I didn’t want to die the way my younger sister died. I returned to Nigeria and went straight to Alfa at Ijebu-Ode. He asked me to take my bath before entering his house which I did and by midnight, he brought four men and they started praying for me. Alfa then said he had seen more visions about my husband and children and I ended up spending N1.5million at the Alfa’s place before returning to America. Otunba Adesanya, then came in and told me that he wanted to invest my money in oil business using his petrol filling stations. He took me round some filling stations in Ijebu-Ode and he was greeted as the owner. He asked me to invest a huge amount of money and promised that after one month, I will get back my 50 percent of my investment as profit, and I trusted him.

‘’ I borrowed N30 million and the person who loaned me the money paid it into his account. One month after I gave him the money, I called and started asking about the business; Otunba Adesanya, got angry and paid back the money into my account. I was shocked and this made me believe and trust Otunba Adesanya, to be a kind of genuine businessman. Then, I pleaded and asked him to continue with the business and then he asked me to change the money into dollar which I did and I took the money to him. Two months after then, when I tried to get back my money, he told me that the money I gave to him to invest into the business wasn’t enough and he needed money and I went on scouting for more money. I continued to give him money until it reached a total of N75million. He also asked me to pay the sum of N31million through the Alfa’s account.

‘’ But on December 2017, one of his boys called me on the telephone and told me that I had been defrauded, then I arrested him with some police and military men and they couldn’t recover my money. I also got him arrested with policemen in Osun and Ondo states, yet, he went off the hook. Then, I brought in operatives of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC, to arrest him, and they recovered 21,000 nude photos and videos of various Nigerian women. He claimed he was very sick and the EFCC granted him bail, but after his release he went on the internet and published photoshop nude photos of myself and him, claiming that he had sexual relationship with me, which was a lie. He was also the person who circulated the story that I had jumped into the Third Mainland Bridge Lagoon, over infidelity. The EFCC tried to caution him but he wouldn’t listen because he wanted to blackmail me into stopping my case. I was given the advice to go to the IGP IRT and report my case and they trailed and arrested the Alfa as well as Otunba Adesanya”.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Lagos office, on Tuesday, December 11, 2018, arraigned Adesanya Olufemi Paul and Awojobi Ganiu before Justice Mojisola Dada on a four-count charge bordering on stealing and obtaining money by false pretence to the tune of N33, 617.000 (Thirty-Three Million, Six Hundred and Seventeen Thousand Naira) only.

He was convicted and sentenced on a three count charge bothering conspiracy, obtaining money by false pretence and stealing and sentenced to 21 years Imprisonment.

The Plight Of Undocumented Young People Caught Up In Britain’s Hostile Environment

I came across this insightful article on another platform and I thought it needed to be shared with my readers – many of which are immigrants also known as “the undocumented” who arrived in the UK several years ago, made new and productive lives for themselves and their families, and contributed to the economy – but are still prevented from accessing many of the same benefits enjoyed by legal and natural citizens. Many of such parents are blissfully unaware or ignorant of the fact that their children sadly have a myriad of problems relating to their citizenship awaiting them in the future.
Please read and enjoy:

The hostile environment is still destroying the lives of approximately 215,000 children in Britain who are caught in a system which denies them citizenship

Clapton Girls’ Academy has a motto to inspire pupils in one of the poorer parts of London: “Arrive with a dream, leave with a future.” And Chrisann Jarrett seemed to embody its vision after coming to this country aged eight from Jamaica and ending up head girl with a place to study law at the prestigious London School of Economics.

“Yes, I was a goody two shoes,” she laughs down the line when we chat. But her dreams were dashed. Despite feeling as British as her classmates, and like them seeing London as her home, this hard-working teenager was told she must pay fees of £17,000 a year since the university saw her as an international student.

This was impossible for the daughter of a single mother, working as a carer with three children. They could not afford holidays, so had never bothered applying for passports, while the Home Office had lost their papers and, discovering they were technically undocumented as a consequence, was trying to formalise their status.

I watched as everyone else went off to university and felt so low,” said Chrisann, who had hit the buffer of harsh reforms to reduce migration introduced by David Cameron’s coalition government. “I even went to the introductory lecture for my course and then realised I was being hopelessly naive. I felt different and ended up wondering if I was to blame, since I thought I had done everything right but was not being accepted as British.” Eventually she won a scholarship and completed her degree.

But while waiting, Chrisann volunteered at a legal charity for children and found she was not alone. “I saw there were so many other kids like me who had lived here and then suddenly discovered they could not go to university since they were not seen as British.”

She is right: one study this year estimated there are 215,000 children living here without immigration status, half of them born in the country.

So this determined woman set up a charity to fight for their cause – and now We Belong has published a damning indictment of systemic failure that is blighting young lives.

“Normality is a Luxury” is based on interviews with 14 young adults under 25 that have between them spent 198 years in Britain. It shows how lives are “distorted and damaged” by a callous bureaucratic system that sows division, hurts mental health and condemns families to more than a decade of massive financial strain.

Talk to these young adults and you hear tales of life on the edge as they are pitched into a Kafkaesque process that is complex, intrusive, often incompetent, demands huge and constantly rising fees – yet make one mistake and, like a dystopian game of snakes and ladders, applicants slide back down to start the torturous 11-year process to citizenship again.

Ijeoma Moore was born in Nigeria but brought up in Britain since she was two. She knows no other home. But she discovered she was different to her classmates when officials turned up at her home one morning and carted her family off to a detention centre, unlawfully trying to deport them. Then she saw teenage school friends go off to university, but could not join them.

The fragility of her situation, the need to keep winning fresh consent to stay every 30 months, the costs running into thousands of pounds each time, have harmed her mental health – as well as sparking an ambition to become a child psychologist to help others put through this migration mincer.

It puts you in a very bad place with anxiety and depression,” she said. “Even though I’m a legal resident, it feels like they can take it away any time.”

It is horribly cruel for the state to play with young lives in this way, labelling them “temporary migrants” despite strong bonds with Britain.

It is also unjust when the only people forced to spend more than a decade rather than the standard five years on the road to citizenship are those on this kind of Limited Leave to Remain.

And it perpetuates inequality to demand people from struggling backgrounds pay at least £11,727 in fees before permitting them to become fully-fledged members of their own society.

Some of these fees have more than doubled over the past five years – while families often end up also paying lawyers to help navigate the legal mazes.

These energetic people could not be further from phoney stereotypes of migrants milking the system. Yet they are exposing not just their own plight, grim as that is, but something even more disturbing. Their stories show how the evils of the hostile environment, unleashed by Theresa May during her awful stint in the Home Office, still devastate many lives despite such such furore over the Windrush Scandal.

This is underlined by Welcome to Britain, a book by barrister Colin Yeo, that dissects with forensic precision how self-serving politicians deliberately created a costly and complicated system to deter people coming to our country by making their lives as miserable as possible.

No doubt Yeo would be dismissed as an “activist lawyer” by Priti Patel since May’s successor aims to stop others following the path taken by her parents.

Yet no one should be fooled: the horrors of the hostile environment have not faded, despite the Government being caught deporting elderly folk in its flawed, discriminatory system.

The scandal drags on today – and among its more depressing effects is the impact on many decent young people who find themselves trapped in limbo amid a terror of being ejected from their land. “No matter how much good work we put in, it feels like they are not listening,” said Ijeoma. Sadly, to our collective shame she is right.

Article by Ian Birrell culled from Ian is a former deputy editor of the Independent and an award-winning foreign correspondent. He was awarded Health Journalist of the year in the 2018 Press Awards and was highly commended in the feature writing category.
Twitter: ianbirrell

Harry And Meghan Repay £2.4m Renovation Cost For Frogmore Cottage After Signing Multi Million Pounds Netflix Deal

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have paid back the cash taxpayers shelled out for their Frogmore Cottage apartment, the couple announced today.

Harry and Meghan came under fire for renovating the property at public expense after moving out of Kensington Palace.

Just months later they quit the royal family and moved to North America, first heading to Canada before settling in the US. A source close to the Duke confirmed that The Prince recently (and voluntarily) repaid the amount in full to the Sovereign Grant.

The statement from the Sussex spokesperson further says: “This contribution, as originally offered by Prince Harry, has fully covered the necessary renovation costs of Frogmore Cottage a property of Her Majesty The Queen, and will remain the UK residence of The Duke and his family,

Last week, the couple announced a major deal with Netflix, reported to be worth £112 million, to make documentaries and children’s shows.

It was initially thought it would take them 11 years to pay back the huge sum.

This deal makes the couple completely independent of Harry’s father Prince Charles.

2 Young Men Of Nigerian Descent Stabbed To Death In London

Many in the UK Nigerian community have stopped taking so much interest since it appeared the number of young men of Nigerian descent involved either as victims or as perpetrators of knife crime in the capital were on the decrease,.

However it is important to bring to peoples awareness that knife crime is just as rampant as it has always been.

This morning, I received the sad message of the cruel stabbing and killing of 22 year old Anthony Adekola in Colindale, North London which took place on Saturday. In August there was a reported stabbing in the same area and the victim thankfully made a recovery. It is not clear if Anthony’s killing was a revenge attack in a gangs war.

On Juy 29, 26 year old Christopher George was shot to death in Sebastopol Road Edmonton North London. The news of the murder was widely reported in the news but many would not have associated his English names with being Nigerian.

Christopher was sitting in a parked Mercedes Benz when 2 men approached the car and opened fire, shooting him in the chest at point range.

What is however becoming increasingly alarming is the age of the victims. During the scourge of 2018, the average age of victims of knives and guns murders was 17. Now many of the murdered young me are in their 20s.

On June 8, Alexander Kareem, 20, was riding a scooter near his family home in Shepherd’s Bush when he was gunned down in a case of mistaken identity. And Jeffrey Wegbe, 26,  was shot dead on his doorstep in Kilburn, in the early hours of 14th August.

20 year old Salem Koudou was found with stab wounds following a fight on Wynne Road in Lambeth on the 20th August.

On June 5, Oluwamayowa Adeyemi was fatally shot on the Nightingale Estate, Hackney. He was 21.

On April 26th, 24 year old David Gomoh a NHS worker was stabbed to death, a few yards from his doorstep just a few days after his dad died of the coronavirus.

These are just a few of the deaths by knifing and shooting that have occurred in the capital in just the last 3 months. The recent pandemic has caused a shift of attention and focus away from the problem of gangs crime in the capital and many of the cases that are being reported in the media, are being done with the barest minimum of detail that several of them go unnoticed

Met Police to sends open letter to organisers and/or participants of public gatherings

The Metropolitan Police Service has sent out a strong advise to people against attending large gatherings. This, the MPS says is for the protection of the public with a reminder that we are still in the middle of a global pandemic.

The statement reads:

Please be advised that you may also be at risk of committing a criminal offence. Under the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (No. 2) (England) Regulations 2020 (as amended), no person may participate in a gathering which consists of more than 30 persons either indoors, on a vessel, or in a public outdoor place, unless certain exemptions apply.

There is an exemption for a gathering organised by certain types of body (such as a business or a charity), having carried out a full risk assessment and taken all steps to limit the transmission of the virus. Other exemptions apply to gatherings that are necessary for the purposes of work, providing emergency assistance or escaping the risk of harm. This open letter does not contain all the provisions. 

To find the Regulations, look on line at

The Regulations specifically prohibit participation in indoor gatherings of more than 30 people for an event that would constitute a ‘Rave’.

If you attend a gathering of more than 30 persons, you may be committing an offence, which is punishable by a fine. If you hold a gathering over 30 persons you might be committing an offence under new changes to the Regulations. It is also an offence to encourage others to unlawfully participate in a large gathering.

It is your responsibility to check the position and ensure you are not committing an offence by being involved in a large gathering. We urge anyone arranging a gathering to inform your local police.

We all need to continue to do our part to prevent the spread of the virus.

MPS Commander Public Order. 

NIGERIA: Buhari Declares 1st November National Youth Day With Multi Billion Naira Youth Investment Fund

The President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), has approved the 1st November as the annual National Youth Day.

According to a statement released by the Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare, the President announced the new national holiday at the Federal Executive Council meeting on Wednesday.

Announcing that the day has been set aside for the celebration of Nigerian youths, Dare tweeted, “Today, President Buhari in Council approved November 1st every year as the National Youth Day to celebrate, draw attention to and find solutions to the issues that affect the Youth.

Mr. President as again demonstrated his commitment to supporting youth-focused policies. Thank You.”

President Buhari had previously approved the establishment of a three-year N75 billion Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) following a memo presented by the minister.

In a statement released then by Mr Dare, he said, “The NYIF is to serve as a sort of Youth Bank that will fund and support the innovative ideas, skills, talents and enterprise of the Nigerian youth.”

The ministry also set up a focal group to help manage the utilisation of the newly-approved fund.

The focal group is an assemblage of youth leaders and groups from diverse fields, entrepreneurial experts and individuals with youth development and finance experience.

The group is entrusted with processing concerned parties’ views and inputs about the Fund and making the same available to the NYIF’s Technical Committee.

Tiwa Savage, Don Jazzy Quizzed By DSS Over Anti Buhari Statements

Nigerian music producer, Don Jazzy, and Afrobeats songstress Tiwa Savage, have been questioned by officials of the Department of State Services over alleged political utterances against the administration of President Muhamamdu Buhari. 

Following a sharp rise in sexual assault cases against women across Nigeria in recent months, Tiwa Savage began a movement known as “WeAreTired” in protest of the situation.

Through the movement, the musician called on Buhari’s administration to take action to stem the tide of rape in the country. 

According to SaharaRepoters, the questioning was also in relation to several posts on social media calling on the government to live up to its responsibilities to Nigerians.

Together with Don Jazzy also known as Micheal Ajere, Savage was invited to the DSS office in Lagos two weeks ago during which they were strictly warned to be careful with what they post on social media. 

Meanwhile, it was revealed that singers Yemi Alade and Waje were also summoned by the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Zubairu Muazu, who also warned the musicians to steer clear of political comments in order not to incur the wrath of the President Buhari administration.

A member of Tiwa Savage’s management team, said that the artiste will not stop speaking up for Nigerians.

But it would seem that both Don Jazzy and Tiwa Savage have chosen to heed the warnings of the DSS and have recently toned down their social media posts.

Ed Sheeran Announces Birth Of Baby Daughter

Ed Sheeran has confirmed his wife Cherry has given birth to their first child – a daughter named Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran.,according to AOL News

The singer announced the news on Instagram in his first social media post since December 2019.

He wrote on Instagram: “Ello! A quick message from me as I have some personal news that I wanted to share with you … Last week, with the help of an amazing delivery team, Cherry gave birth to our beautiful and healthy daughter – Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran.

“We are completely in love with her. Both mum and baby are doing amazing and we are on cloud nine over here.

“We hope that you can respect our privacy at this time. Lots of love and I’ll see you when it’s time to come back, Ed x.”

At the end of 2019 Sheeran announced he was taking a break from work and social media after being “non stop” for the past two years.

The 29-year-old said in a message to his more than 30 million Instagram followers: “The Divide era and tour changed my life in so many ways, but now it’s all over it’s time to go out and see some more of the world.

Culled from AOL News

Chase TV Show Quizzer Splits From Wife As Open Marriage Fails

This story will give a warning sound to people in unconventional relationships that –  contrary to what is always maintained, the so called open marriage or relationship does not always work, as one partner is bound to get jealous at some point.

Others simply harbour feelings of resentment towards their partner but chose to keep quiet in order to respect the agreed terms of the relationship.

But the silence does not always last and at some point, their true feelings regarding the situation are expressed.

This often leads to the break down in the relationship.

The Chase star Mark Labbett recently split from his wife after their open marriage failed to work, AOL has reported.

The 55-year-old TV quizzer and Katie, 28, have been married for seven years and have a three-year-old son together.

Labbett, known on the quiz show as The Beast, told The Sun On Sunday that “it’s got to the point now where I realise it is better for us to go our separate ways and remain friendly”.

He said the couple spent the past 18 months trying to make their unconventional marriage work after Katie told him about an affair.

“When Katie first came clean to me about her boyfriend, I’d had an inkling,” he said.

“But right from the start, my attitude was quite pragmatic – this was spilt milk, what could we do about the situation to make it OK?

“We had a family. We couldn’t just throw that away lightly. There were other considerations.

“But Covid provided the perfect storm. My mental health suffered and the differences in our ages became magnified.

“It’s got to the point where I realise it’s better for us to go our separate ways and remain friendly, without the stress factor of living together.”

Katie said: “I want everyone to know what’s what and that we are all happy. I just want Mark to be happy.”

The pair previously revealed that they discovered, after getting together, that they are second cousins, but “it wasn’t something we were aware of at the time”.

Labbett’s agent David Hahn said in a statement: “We can confirm Mark and Katie have split but will not be making any further comment. “

Culled from AOL News


How many of you BIG PEOPLE can boldly and confidently talk about that person who gave you a hand up when you were still small and struggling?

How many times have you publicly or even privately acknowledged the person or persons who helped make you what you are today?

Do you even remember at all that there was a time that you desperately needed someone to show you just a bit of kindness for your to be able to realise your dream – and someone came along in the nick of time?

I see a lot of people who have become big stars and celebrities but never once have been heard honouring the people who mentored them or helped them climb the ladder.

I remember (for illustration purpose only) a friend of mine back in Nigeria when I was a TV ‘star’ (YES) I had an older admirer (one of very many) who was a top guy at Nigeria’s Central Bank and whose wife, a white lady, was a very big shot at one of the major oil companies. Anyway, this friend of mine was an intelligent Petro-chemical graduate from a major Nigerian University and finished with excellent grades but a lack of connections meant he could not access any relevant jobs.

But just a mention of him to my “uncle” and to cut the long story short, my friend was on his way to working in an oil company and before long became a very big boy in Warri.

However, till today – 30 odd years later, I have never received as much as a thank you from this friend…..not once!

There are many people out there who have been assisted to be what they have currently become – but never look back to give as much as a nod in the direction of the person who was used to help them on their way.

Chadwick “Black Panther” Boseman was highly talented and had prospects, but without the intervention of Denzel Washington, he would never had made it through the journey that led him to have become the great star and character we all loved and are mourning so overwhelmingly today.

And Chadwick never tired of talking about Washington’s act of generosity. And he did so as often as he could.

Imagine if he had died without Denzel ever knowing just how much his actions impacted the young man’s life…or how genuinely thankful he was?

Talking at every opportunity about his benefactor did not diminish him in any way. Neither did it stop him from being a big star. In fact, it endeared him all the more to us and made us love him for being so humble and appreciative.

However many of us are too proud, arrogant and big for our shoes to acknowledge the input of others into our success, or to let others know that another human being was used to give us a hand and a leg up.

At the end of the day, there is only one true rewarder of any good deed..and God Himself alone chooses whosoever He pleases as a vessel to carry out His works and deeds.

But recipients of such deeds must always keep in mind that if the particular vessel had been disobedient or selfish, then the deed might never have occurred and your life could have turned out differently.

Let us learn to remember, show appreciation and honor our benefactors. Whosoever they may be.

Being gracious does not cost a thing.

Rest in Power, beautiful soul

*Dedicated to the memory of Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman: See All 7 Movies He Bravely Made During His 4-Year Cancer Battle

Over the four years Chadwick Boseman battled colon cancer, he completed a number of iconic films — including ‘Black Panther’ & two ‘Avengers’ sequels.

Chadwick Boseman: See All 7 Movies He Bravely Made During His 4-Year Cancer Battle

Late Capt Ernest Chika: Hero Of Opebi’s Helicopter Crash

Yesterday, a Bell 206 helicopter carrying 3 people onboard crashed at Opebi, Ikeja Lagos killing 2 of the occupants. The third passenger is in a critical condition in hospital. It was an act of God that more people were not killed.

But according to new report, it was the heroic and skilful actions of the helicopter’s pilot that prevented what could have turned out to be a major incident.

The craft had been travelling from Port Harcourt to Lagos before it crashed into a house’s wall on Salvation Road.

Captain Ernest Chika, emptied the fuel tank before the crash to ensure there was no explosion which could have killed so many people and destroyed several homes.

He manoeuvred the aircraft in such a way that he avoided buildings and managed to crash onto a fence. Captain Chika suffered serious injuries in the crash and was rushed to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital but he died soon after.

Quorum Aviation Limited, the owners of the chopper are yet to release any statement on the incident.

Captain Chika is a young father of a new baby who was dedicated just last week.

Nigeria has heros. Rest in peace Captain Chika.

Dapo Williams: I have Lost My Brother And My Best Friend – Chief Wale Kalejaiye

To family, and people in the close network of friends, Chief Wale Kalejaiye was the closest friend and associate of the late Otunba Dr Dapo Williams. Their chance meeting at a function was the start of a friendship that has lasted 20 years.

He is also, perhaps after his wife, the only person who truly knew and understood the enigma and the icon known to all as DW

In an interview with Prince Lanre Adegun, Otunba Kalejaiye opens up and gives us a deeper insight into the personality of his dear friend and more on the circumstances surrounding his sad demise. The following is a candid, intensely frank and emotionally charged account of a friendship that turned into a close brotherhood.

“It Is Our National Assignment” – Roberts-Folayan Reacts To Diaspora Investment Trust Committee Appointment

Chief Bimbo Roberts-Folayan, member of the newly inaugurated Ad-hoc committee on the establishment of Diaspora Investment Fund has reacted to his appointment and the wave of goodwill and congratulatory messages that greeted the news.

In a statement, he said “I have received loads of congratulatory messages, texts and even calls from many people in the past few days. The news is everywhere and many are happy for me in particular”

Chief Roberts-Folayan who is a 2 term Chairman of the umbrella association for Nigerian groups, associations and businesses in the UK, CANUK, said in his statement, that the experience of the last few days has shown that there are so many people out there who are truly looking forward to the participation of leaders in the Diaspora in Nigeria’s national affairs.

“There is so much confidence that we will add value”, he added.

Folayan who is also the Founder and Chairman of the UK based Nigerian Diaspora Direct Summit expressed his thanks to the Chairman and CEO of NIDCOM, Mrs Abike Dabiri Erewa for identifying him and the other people on the important committee for such important work. He said “This is a national assignment to help draft a framework for a Diaspora Trust Fund for Nigeria. Members of the committee are drawn from different countries and are great Nigerian assets and most of our operations will be carried out online”.

He concluded by saying – in his usual jocular manner “Unlike what many think (especially on social media), I am not relocating to live in Nigeria… yet. Hahahaha”.

I cannot think of anyone more deserving of such an assignment. Congratulations once again, Chief Bimbo.

Everyone especially men, must read this: Make Plans for the Inevitable

“Anthony Joshua Is A S***house” – Tyson Fury

The slur used by Donald Trump to describe African countries reportedly came from Gypsy King, the WBC Champion Tyson Fury in a war of words preceding the highly anticipated 2021 fight against the Brit-Nigerian heavyweight champion.

According to former super middleweight champion Carl Froch, Tyson told him in a direct inbox message that he believes “the fight won’t happen, the man’s a shithouse. He and his promoter (Eddie Hearn) know I’ll go through him like a hot knife through butter”

Actually, the message read s***house but we are in no doubt as to what exactly he must have meant. We do not however know if it was meant as a racist slur

Froch said Tyson responded by putting up on his instagram wall, a picture of him and AJ facing off.

On Fury’s outburst, Frock says “He genuinely doesn’t think Joshua or Hearn want the fight, but I think they do. AJ has to take the fight or his credibility has gone”

The gypsy’s fighting talk has cast doubt over the so called “Battle of Britain” . Although key details of the fight are yet to be discussed, finances on the two deal fight have been agreed.

Fury must first come through his trilogy clash with Deontay Wilder before the FURY v AJ fight can happen. One cannot help but wonder if Fury is mirroring his own fears of not coming out well from the fight with Wilder.

Meanwhile, speaking on a recent Sky TV show, AJ the two-time unified heavyweight champion said of the fight “I have a lot of respect for the man……., he’s a good fighter, but on the other hand, I want to break his head” He then made an unequivocal prediction of a 6th round take-out of the gypsy king. “First six rounds, I think. well I know I.m going to take him out then” he said. “

“I have a shorter career so I’m fresher. I’ve been in the deep end longer so I can handle the pressure and I believe I’m going to take him out!

Fighting talk from a classy champion. We cannot wait to see his predictions come to pass.

Don’t be shortchanged. Demand your rights, make a fuss.

I don’t know if it is the Ijebu woman in me, but I have learnt to always make a fuss, and raise complaints where customer service has failed.

This week alone: I demanded and got a refund of £1.49 from a major food outlet after an order arrived without the pot of coleslaw I included in my order.

I got from a company, a refund of £22.49 I paid for express delivery when the item arrived 1 day late

I got a (good will) charge cancellation from my gas supplier after they failed to process payment which I made at the point of booking a repair job. 1 month later they threatened me with debt collection. So I made a counter complaint and got the entire charge written off!

Many of us simply sit back and accept whatever these service providers throw at us without complaining.

The other day I was at an African restaurant with some friends who ordered suya. What they got was boiled pieces of meat with dry pepper sprinkled on it. At the same restaurant, a different occasion, my friend ordered Nkwobi which is meant to be a delicacy made out of chunks of succulent cow leg skin in the sauce but what we got was chunks of bone and very little skin.

The least we can expect for our hard earned cash is reliable service, items paid for and goods fitting the provided description.

The Consumer Rights Act 2015

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 became law on 1 October 2015, replacing three major pieces of consumer legislation – the Sale of Goods Act, Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations, and the Supply of Goods and Services Act. It was introduced to simplify, strengthen and modernise the law, giving you clearer shopping rights.

Product quality – what should you expect?

As with the Sale of Goods Act, under the Consumer Rights Act all products must be of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and as described.

The rules also include digital content in this definition. So all products – whether physical or digital – must meet the following standards:

  • Satisfactory quality  Goods shouldn’t be faulty or damaged when you receive them. You should ask what a reasonable person would consider satisfactory for the goods in question. For example, bargain-bucket products won’t be held to as high standards as luxury goods.
  • Fit for purpose  The goods should be fit for the purpose they are supplied for, as well as any specific purpose you made known to the retailer before you agreed to buy the goods.
  • As described  The goods supplied must match any description given to you, or any models or samples shown to you at the time of purchase.

Click to read more about UK consumer rights

NDDIS Chairman Bimbo Roberts-Folayan Appointed To Diaspora Investment Trust Fund Committee

The Chairman of the Nigerian Diaspora Direct Investment Summit (NDDIS) Chief Bimbo Roberts-Folayan has been appointed a member of the Adhoc Committee on the Establishment of Diaspora Investment Trust Fund.

Chief Roberts-Folayan who was a 2-Term Chairman of the Central Association of Nigerians in the UK CANUK joins a list of illustrious Nigerians from the Diaspora on the committee

The Committee is asked to advise and make recommendations on the following terms of Reference:

(i) the mission and objectives of the fund
(ii) the structure of the fund(especially a private sector led and driven by the Nigerians in Diaspora
(iii) the sources and value of the fund
(iv) the processes for and procedure for its establishment
(v) the procedure and guidelines for accessing the fund and its utilisation
(vi) the fund Managers/Management
(vii) any other issues pertinent to the realization and establishment of the fund.

The 14-Member Adhoc Committee which has one month to complete its assignment was inaugurated in Abuja on Thursday by the Minister of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Zubairu Dada

Earlier, the Chairman/CEO NIDCOM, Hon Abike Dabiri-Erewa expressed delight that the Adhoc Committee is being established, the first ever in the history of Nigeria, an outcome of the first Nigerian Diaspora Investment Summit held in 2018. The NIDCOM Boss urged the Committee to carry out its functions by Virtual means given the circumstances of COVID-19 Pandemic.

Abike Dabiri Erewa

Dr Ali Garba of Financial Investment Services Winconsin USA is the Committee Chairman, while Professor Manny A. Aniebonam, Global Investor and Member, NIDAN(Nigerians in Diaspora Alumni Network).

Other Members of the committee include Ms Lola Visser Mabogunje, Barr Kachi Okezie, Mr Femi Odere, Dr Mrs Ngozi Ogbonna-Erondu, Amb Edward A Sarki, Mr Uche Orji, Mr. Mansur Nuhu Bamalli, Ms Gbemi Adesemowo, Hon Abdulrahman Terab, Mariam Madaki and a Representative of the Ministry of Finance .

Thamesmead Rapist And Kidnapper Jailed For 15 Years

23 year old Desmond Atumkeze of Battery Road, Greenwich, who kidnapped and raped a lone female as she walked home was sentenced to 15 years and two months’ imprisonment, with a further three years on extended licence, at Woolwich Crown Court on Thursday, 11 June.

He pleaded guilty at the same court on Thursday, 19 March to two counts of rape and one count of kidnap.

The court heard that at about 20:45hrs on 8 November 2019, the 30-year-old victim was walking through a basketball court in Gallion’s Park when she heard footsteps behind her.

As she exited the basketball court, an unknown man put something into the small of her back and said: “I’ve got a gun. I’m going to kill you.”

The man stayed behind the victim and walked her to a concrete clearing next to a drained canal, which has no street lighting, near Warepoint Drive, SE28.

The man, who was wearing a ski mask, then forced the victim to remove all her clothing before raping her.

During the ordeal, the suspect made comments such as ‘I’m local’ and “I know your face, I know where you live.”

He kept asking the victim questions including if she had a boyfriend and who she lived with. The victim tried to remain calm and comply because she was afraid for her life due to the threat of a gun and the suspect telling her that he knew where she lived.

Following the assault, the suspect made the victim walk to the canal bank while still naked and instructed her to wash for 10 minutes in a large puddle, which she did in the freezing cold temperature.

The suspect then allowed the victim to get dressed while he went through her handbag, taking her headphones and mobile phone – forcing her to put her password in.

The suspect the walked the victim back to the basketball court. She started to walk away and when she was sure the suspect had gone, she returned home and called the police.

The victim was supported by specialist officers and was taken to a Haven. Results from forensic testing identified Atumkeze as a suspect.

Atumkeze was arrested on Monday, 11 November and was taken to a south London police station. He fabricated a story telling officers he had been out for a meal in Woolwich with friends who ordered him a taxi home because of his vision problems – he told officers that he was registered blind in both eyes in 2016.

He told detectives that a woman with a buggy helped him out of the taxi and he bumped into a family friend after getting out of the taxi at about 21:10hrs who helped him across the road to his home address. He said he did not see anyone else that evening.

In his interview, he said: “I was shocked when I was arrested by the police. I was thinking this was wrong as I could not have done that.

“Due to my physical problems I could not commit crimes. I cannot do that crime as I am blind. I am a virgin so I could not have done this.”

Atumkeze told officers he was familiar with the concrete area where the offence occurred and he knew it did not have lighting – adding that is why he does not go there.

Atumkeze was unable to give an explanation to why his DNA was found on the victim, who he claimed to have never seen before.
Detectives examined Atumkeze’s mobile phone and found internet searches such as ‘rape kit’, ‘DNA profiling’ and ‘the importance of DNA in sexual assault.’ He also looked up sexual offences on the Crown Prosecution Service’s website

Atumkeze was charged on Tuesday, 12 November and was convicted as above.

The victim has been left traumatised by what happened. She had to take four months off work following the ordeal and is having counselling.

In a statement read to the court, the victim said: “I became terrified of going out alone. Still to this day I avoid being alone at night outside. I couldn’t sleep. I would hear the slightest noise and be awake. I have become afraid of the night. I have very intense dreams now and I wake up in a cold sweat.

“I’ve lost my independence and self-reliance. I’m not like I was before and am now more reliant on others. I’ve started suffering panic attacks and anxiety. I’ve lost weight and my appetite. I find that suddenly I will have a flashback to what happened, this causes me further anxiety.

“I’m finding it hard to trust people, especially men, even though rationally I know not all men are going to hurt me.

“I have reached out to a few friends for support as I knew this was too big for me to carry alone. It was hard talking about what happened, it made me feel uncomfortable and it took a lot of courage but I needed the support as well.

“I have male friends that I would go out with for a meal or the cinema. Now I find it really hard to trust anyone, I don’t want physical contact. I don’t know when I’ll feel able to just go out as I did before. I find it very difficult to be close to a guy, or think about being intimate. It was always my goal to get married and have a family. Now I worry because I cannot get close to anyone and what if this doesn’t change?”

MetPolice Newsdesk

University Of Lagos Graduate Becomes Canada’s Minister Of Justice

Canadian politician who was elected in the 2019 Alberta general election to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta representing the electoral district of Edmonton-South West has become Canada’s Minister Of Justice.

Nigerian born Kaycee Madu is the first Black Man to occupy either Provincial or Federal Justice positions of the Justice Minister, Attorney General or Solicitor General.

Born and raised in Nigeria, Madu graduated from the University of Lagos with a law degree in 2001 before his family moved to Canada in 2005. Madu, who has practised law in both Nigeria and Alberta, was first elected as an MLA in the April 2019 general election.

Meanwhile, Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, Chairman/CEO, Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) has congratulated
Mr Kaycee Madu, on his appointment.

In a congratulatory message, Dabiri-Erewa expressed delight that Madu had proved his mettle which earned him the exalted position.

“We are so happy for Mr Madu on his well deserved appointment. This confirms our saying that our Diasporans are our greatest asset making us proud globally”

She advised Madu to continue to give his best in the administration of justice, urging others to emulate such an excellent behaviour.

The NIDCOM boss said the appointment of Madu as Minister of Justice was a reward of consistent hard work, dedication and determination to succeed in his chosen career irrespective of the fact that he was in the foreign land.

She prayed for his success in the new global assignment and canvassed for support and cooperation from all stakeholders to make him successful in his assignment.

In this role, Minister Madu, as Minister of Justice will also be the Provincial Secretary and Keeper of the Great Seal of the Province of Alberta.

In 2019, Madu made history by becoming the first African-born provincial Minister in Canadian history.

In 2020, he makes history again as the first Black Justice Minister and Solicitor General in Canada.

” We are proud of Madu and wish him success in his new role”, Dabiri added.

Otunba Dapo Williams Laid To Rest Amid Tearful Eulogies And Tributes

The body of the UK Nigerian Diasporan community stalwart Otunba Dr Oladapo Oshun-Williams was finally laid to rest in Sidcup, South East London on Wednesday.

The late Otunba Tayese of Akoko Ondo, Nigeria was buried at a small and intimate ceremony attended by just close family members and friends including Otunba Wale Kalejaiye, founder of the Nigerian Think Tank Group of which Dr Williams was a former Chairman and till his death, a Board of Trustees Member.

The much loved and highly respected leader died of a heart attack on the 4th of August shortly after taking part in a Youth Empowerment Zoom Seminar organised by the “Agba Ko Ni Tan L’orile Oodua” Group.

The death of the highly popular Chieftain and Erudite and Socialite caused great ripples of grief among his many friends and fans, as well as several beneficiaries of his generosity and mentorship.


Chief Dapo Williams popularly known as DW was a high achiever and had several accomplishments to his credit, including the Project Management of the Canary Wharf Building in London, NMC property portfolio management, and Facilities Maintenance and property management for several high profile organisations .

He was a corporate real estate consultant with a deep involvement in the Gas and Oil sector as a forecourt Petroleum products retailer.

He was also the founder of President Buhari Campaign Organisation.

DW was a real community activist who constantly sought to create the spirit of unity, cohesion and collaboration within the UK Diasporan community. That is why DWs popularity transcended the “elitist ” segment of the community. He was “at home” in any kind of event or gathering and his appeal was “universal” without being outlandish or loud. Many have described him as humble, kind, jovial and fashionable.

He is mostly remembered by many community events, initiatives and projects organisers for his incredible generosity and encouraging spirit.

The impact of the sad death of Otunba Dr Oladapo Oshun-Williams will be felt by many especially those who knew him or were close to him for a very long time to come. He definitely left very big shoes that will be hard to fill.
He is survived by his wife Tina, three children, a grandson & siblings.

May his lovely soul rest in peace.

My personal tribute to DW

As a first born child/grandchild, I grew up with very little in terms of older siblings, heroes or role models☹

But as an adult, God blessed me with many older friends whom I call Egbons (Big brother or sister)

Dapo Williams was one of the best of them. He was a true big brother to me.
He was a true diamond geezer. The best big brother from another mother anyone could hope for.

My projects: Sistas & Divas
NEA UK – He supported them all: Emotionally, physically, financially.

Even during my stint as General Secretary of Central Association of Nigerians in the UK (CANUK), and the myriad of tests that came with the post, he was a true backbone.

He was the only one of my friends who blessed my mum with a substantial amount of “Holiday spending money” when she came over for my 50th birthday in 2016.

I have a very special personal bond with Dapo Williams as an encourager, supporter, inspiration and friend. I shall miss him terribly😢

Even my mum is feeling the loss.
A loss that will be hard to replace.

He will always be very fondly remembered but definitely unforgotten.

Rest in Peace, Our Diamond DW and may God strengthen your children, your wife Tina, your entire family & many heartbroken friends.



Driver Kills A Pedestrian And Seriously Injures Another In Separate Hit And Run Incidents

A woman has died and a man is fighting for life after they were both hit by the same car in separate incidents, police have said.

A man, 51, has been arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving and serious injury by dangerous driving following the crashes in Bolton on Sunday.

A blue Land Rover TD4 was travelling along Chorley Street at about 4pm when it mounted the pavement and hit the 50-year-old woman, who died at the scene, Greater Manchester Police said.

Failing to stop, the car then continued onto St George’s Road and then Chorley New Road, where it collided with a 36-year-old man who was standing at a traffic island, police said.

The man was taken to hospital where he remains in a critical condition.

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Detective constable Emma Kennedy said: “This is a dreadful incident where two members of public have been struck by the same vehicle a short distance apart.

“Specialist officers are looking after the families of both victims at this devastating time.

“Our thoughts remain with the family of the woman who has very sadly died, and with the family of the man who remains critically ill in hospital.

“It is absolutely essential that anyone with information, who saw the car prior to or shortly after these collisions makes contact with police.

“If you have CCTV or dash-cam footage that can assist us, please also get in touch as soon as possible.”

Police said the driver was arrested at the scene of the second collision and remains in custody for questioning.

Police Shoot Unarmed Black Man In The Back In Front Of His Little Children

A man is fighting for his life after he was brutally shot in the back by a Kenosha, Wisconsin policeman.

Jacob Blake, the 29-year-old Black man was shot multiple times in the back in fron of his kids who were sitting in his SUV.

He underwent surgery Sunday night and was in stable condition Monday, his family and attorney said.

A bystander’s video of the incident appears to show the officer grab Blake by the back of his shirt as he tried to get into a small SUV, then shoot him seven times at point-blank range. The shooting led to unrest in Kenosha on Sunday night. 

“We all watched the horrific video of Jacob Blake being shot in the back several times by Kenosha police,” nationally known civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump said in a news release.

“Even worse, his three sons witnessed their father collapse after being riddled with bullets,” said Crump, who is representing Blake. “It’s a miracle he’s still alive.” 

In an interview later Monday, Crump said Blake remained in stable condition.

“At this point, we’re still waiting for the facts to be confirmed,” Crump told the Journal Sentinel. “But we know what we saw in that video, and it was clearly an excessive use of force that was shocking and outrageous and devastating and nobody’s more devastated than his three sons.”

Blake’s sons, who were inside the vehicle at the time of the shooting, are ages 8, 5 and 3, Crump said.

“You can only imagine the psychological problems these babies are going to have for the rest of their lives,” he said.

Blake’s family launched an online fundraising effort Monday, quickly raising more than $150,000 in donations by late afternoon. A regional representative with GoFundMe confirmed the account was authentic.

“As we fight for justice and understanding, our family has and will face many trials during this time,” the family wrote on the GoFundMe website. “Jacob Blake is a loving father of six that deserves proper medical attention and legal representation.”

London’s Knife Crime: I Will Always Keep My Son’s Memory Alive – Yemi Aderemi

These are the heart wrentching words of knife crime activist Yemi Aderemi whose son Andre was brutally murdered 4 years ago.

On the 16th of August 2016, Mr Aderemi, then, 19, was chased around the Monks Hill estate by four men and stabbed 26 times in broad daylight. His killers were sentenced to jail for life following their trial at the Old Bailey in 2017.

Speaking on the anniversary of Andres chilling murder, Yemi said ” We as a family were robbed of someone so special to us all. Andre had the most amazing personality and character any parent could ask for”.

Yemi is now an avid anti knife crime activist working through the Croydon based organisation “Your City Says No” She has appeared on several Radio & TV stations and regularly gives talks in schools advising youths against the dangers of carrying knives. She also supports other bereaved mums of knife crime victims and organisations campaigning against knives and gangs.

Her latest initiative is fundraising to support the purchase of Public Access Bleed Kits. The campaign “An Angel Gained in August’ – Public Access Bleed Kits Campaign” is being carried out in Andres memory. The kits are specially designed for catastrophic bleeds, they contain patches with special valves to help inflate the lungs and bandages that help to clot the blood plus much more. And according to Yemi, they could have helped save Andre’s life if they had been available when he was attacked, but they can help keep more victims of stabbings alive.

Yemi’s campaign aims to raise £5,000 which can purchase 50 kits that will be put out in the public and potentially save 50 lives.

Asked what her motive for the fundraiser was, Yemi responded “I don’t do what I do for likes, fame or money- I do it to save OUR children, no amount of money could save me from the pain of losing my Son Andre”.

“I will always keep his memory alive…..he had a gift with dealing children which is why he is so missed by everyone young and old who came into contact with him…. I miss and love you always Andre 💗

Yemi’s campaign has so far raised enough money to buy over 40 Bleeds Kits which she says “is more than I ever could have imagined at the start of this Campaign”

The campaign aims to raise its target of £5,000 by the end of August.

Donations can be made to this fundraiser at:


Diasporans Are Nigeria’s Greatest Asset – Sen Oloriegbe

The Vice Chairman of Nigeria’s Senate Committee on Diaspora and NGO’s Sen. (Dr) Ibrahim Oloriegbe, on Thursday described the Nigerians in the Diaspora as the greatest assets of the country with their contributions to the nation’s development.

Oloriegbe, said this while leading his committee members on inaugural oversight functions to the headquarters of Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM), Abuja.

The Senator who was

The Senate Committee was received by Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, Chairman/CEO of NIDCOM and her Management team also said the Nigerians abroad are diverse in their respective contributions to country’s development.

According to Oloriegbe, Nigerians in the Diaspora constitutes a significant proportion of the population, not in terms of number alone but in terms of their importance to the economy of the country.

Commending the various achievements of NIDCOM, Oloriegbe said that despite the paucity of funds allocated to NIDCOM, the Commission has been able to annex the potentials of the Nigerians abroad and also lived to expectations.

The committee’s visit was basically to conduct oversight functions on the Commission as required by law and see further areas of interventions, he added.

” I am happy that we are the first Committee to oversight the Commission after it came into existence last year

“This Commission looks so small but the responsibility put on it is very big, not only big in terms of the volume but very critical and important both for the country in terms of security and touching the life of the individuals especially the citizens abroad”.

He assured Hon. Dabiri-Erewa that the committee would do everything possible to make the job of the commission easy for them through necessary legal framework and required amendment to the NIDCOM Act.

Oloriegbe said such amendments would enable the country to tap more into the Diaspora resources for the overall benefits of the country.

Responding, the NIDCOM Chairman, Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa thanked the Committee for being there for the Commission during its trying period, saying its top priority is working on the Database of Nigerians in the Diaspora. and encouraging diaspora investments

She said that the National Diaspora Policy, which had been validated by all stakeholders and development partners, had been sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for presentation to the Federal Executive Council for approval as that will solve some of the challenges confronting the administration of Diaspora affairs in Nigeria.

She listed other activities of the commission in the last one year of its creation as holding National Diaspora Day, Nigerians Diaspora Investment Summit, the Badagry Door of Return and inauguration of the State Focal point officers.,

Others, according to her, include signing of MoU with some stakeholders, Investment summit with Nigerians in Saudi Arabia, evacuation of stranded Nigerians abroad, Diaspora Housing project with Federal Mortgage Bank and collaboration with some international organisations.

She also requested for the intervention of the committee in the areas of increased funding of the Commission, reduction of charges charged by IMTOs on remittances by the diasporans and support for the commission to have its own office accommodation.

Dabiri-Erewa also solicited for the support of the Senate Committee on legislation to make the travelling of Nigerians abroad seeking for jobs to be legalised in line with international labour laws, thus eradicating the human trafficking of Nigerians abroad, adding that illegal migration can be made legal with the right laws put in place and effective multi-agency collaboration .

In his remarks, Sen. Abba Morro, who was also on the entourage,commended Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa and her team for being dynamic despite paucity of funds, describing her as “ a comrade” , always determined to achieve results , against all odds.

“Scandal” Actress Kerry Washington And Burna Boy Surprise Nigerian Family Of Nurses (video)

The actress who is married to Nigerian born actor, producer and former American football corner-back. Azuka Asomugha was guest presenting on the Jimmy Kimmel show when she featured a family of 5 amazing health workers

Emmy Award nominee BurnaBoy was drafted in as the massive icing on the surprise package for the Ginigeme family.

See: Pictures of actress Kerry Washington and her NFL Player hubby

Nigeria’s Most Stunning Beauty Spot Discovered

An abandoned quarry in Nigeria has become a tourist hotspot after images were posted on social media earlier this month.
The rocky cliffs climbing into a blue sky, a moss-lined footpath, small green hills and a lake that shimmers in the sun are quite breath-taking and a set of images shared on Twitter at the beginning of August has been liked more than a thousand times .
In a matter of days of the post, the site, known as Crushed Rock, in Mpape – a poor neighbourhood on the outskirts of the capital Abuja – was thronged.
There has been a DJ stand, food vendors, hundreds of sun-bathing selfie-takers – and even a band of classical musicians.

Picture Credit: Fatima Muhammad
Nigerians are not generally known to be outdoor lovers – the weather is very hot in the north and quite humid in the south.
However, there is a burgeoning community of hikers around Abuja inspired by the many expatriates living in the political capital.

Enrol for a Postgraduate course at Anglia Ruskin University London. Call 07946126561. Government funding available. *UK/EU residents only

The corona virus pandemic has also had a part to play in encouraging these young middle-class Nigerians to explore the hills in the country’s rocky central region.
The lock-down, which prevented people from travelling elsewhere, has meant that places closer to home are being explored.

Picture Credit: Fatima Muhammad
The area around Mpape, which means “rock” in the local Gwari language, supplied much of the stone used to transform Abuja from a small village in the 1980s into the country’s capital city.
“The quarry has existed for more than 10 years,” said Mpape resident Courage Ebenz, who is somewhat bemused by the sudden influx of city-dwellers.
Nigeria has an abundance of sites of natural beauty, but this “man-made” location has its own appeal – with three main tiers that each give a stunning view of the water below.
Sightseers can choose a small winding footpath to the top terrace, where the grass is an ideal picnic location.
Picture Credit: Fatima Muhammad
The more adventurous can continue down the path that circles and snakes down to the water’s edge.
But a warning for the brave who might want to plunge into the water – the locals say it is full of abandoned machinery.
Read full article in BBC Africa


Tube Racist Thug Is Son Of A Wealthy Construction Company Owner

Billy Steele the white yob who was felled and rendered unconscious by 1 single blow from a member of a group he had been abusing and shouting racist insults at on London Underground Central line tube has been revealed as the son of a wealthy construction company owner.In an exclusive report by the Daily Mail today, the 31 year old yob lives in an exclusive and expensive gated community in Mottingham, Southeast London where an apartment sells for up to £320,000.His mum claims her son who works in the family firm S&S Steele Fixing Ltd is remorseful about the entire incident which was captured in a recording which has since gone viral on social media, and has handed himself over to the police.

She However added that he does not want the man who hit him to get into any trouble with the police..

*How magnanimous of him.

You can read the full report in The Mail


COVID Can Cut UK Cancer Survival Rate By 2% Due To NHS Suspension Of Screening And Treatments

People with cancer will die sooner because the NHS suspended so much screening, testing and treatment of the disease during the pandemic, according to new research.

According to a report published in the Guardian the chances of people in the UK with breast cancer surviving for five years after diagnosis could fall from 85% to 83.5%, the IPPR thinktank and CF healthcare consultancy found.

The report further states that five-year survival for bowel cancer could drop from 58.4% to 56.1%, while people with lung cancer would see their chances of being alive after that time fall from 16.2% to 15.4%.

Harry Quilter-Pinner, the IPPR’s associate director and head of its health programme, said that such declines “would represent a significant setback to progress” in cancer survival made in recent years. If these falls occur, the outcomes would be equivalent to those seen six years ago in breast cancer, eight years ago in bowel cancer and one year ago in lung cancer.

The shutdown of cancer screening as the NHS concentrated on treating patients with Covid-19 meant that 210,000 people a week could not be screened, urgent referrals of patients suspected of having cancer fell by 40%, and there were far fewer CT and MRI scans, the IPPR said. In addition, the number of people having surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy fell by up to 40%, he added.

We Are Living In New Times, It Is Time To Cultivate New Habits

Earlier this afternoon, I called up one of my close friends who lives not far from me to check on her and to catch up. Her phone rang but she did not answer. This, mind you, is quite unhabitual for her so I decided to send a whatsapp message. That is when I discovered she hadn’t been sending her daily “Morning Tea” messages neither had she read or responded to any of mine…in over 1 week

I felt my heart tighten like it had been clasped by frozen hands – and I thought “No, God, NOOO!! Not again!!!!

Just a week ago, I got the still very painful news of the death of my dear friend Dr Dapo Williams.

And I started to weep uncontrollably while I quickly got dressed and flew out of my house. And like a fox with it’s tail set on fire, and ran all the way to her house. Praying and weeping all the way.

On getting to her door, I stopped and said a quick prayer “God, please I cannot go through this again. Last weekend is still pretty fresh and raw”!
I gingerly knocked on my friend’s door and within 10 seconds, it opened.

The sheer relief at seeing my friend as she appeared at the door weakened me so much that I simply slumped to the floor and wept with gratitude.

COVID has placed us all on tenterhooks and with the almost daily occurrence of losing dear friends, many of us are becoming so paranoid. My friend had just dropped her phone in water and although she had had it replaced, she was having problems reloading her whatsapp on her new phone so no messages or calls were getting through on the app…
Nevertheless, I should have tried her number on the direct line….. Duh

But still, we must check on each other regularly and not leave it till 1 week before we notice their absence.

We live in different times and we must cultivate new habits. It is not only enough waiting for whatsapp or text messages from our friends and loved ones. We must now learn to check on people everyday – if possible, physically.

We must not wait till something terrible happens then we say “I only chatted with her 2 weeks ago…..”


Toxic Relationships Also Affect The Kids

I do not care who you are or what gender you describe yourself as. But if you are known as a difficult person, I urge you this morning to please humble yourself, and keep your stubbornness, arrogance, incorrigibility, haughtiness, pride, selfishness and stiff neck in check. Such attitudes and behaviours are the common causes of problems and issues in relationships, and create and promote a toxic atmosphere at home.

And we are not even talking about violence or even aggression here. That is a totally different ball game on another level. This is when one partner’s habitual narcissistic, controlling and domineering behaviour has turned the partner into a complete emotional wreck in their own home.

Read: 8 signs you are stuck in a toxic relationship

But it is not just your spouse or partner that is affected by your difficult behaviour.

Toxic relationships also affect children. The reason we have so many damaged young adults is as a result of the loveless, dysfunctional and toxic homes they came out of. Many people like to lay blame for kids going off the rails on the proliference of single parent (usually lone mother) households. I know this from the days of my 2018 Anti knife crime campaign in London. Part of the feedback I got from most people who reacted to the upsurge in youth killings in London in that particular year, was the assumption that young people – particularly black boys who went out stabbing and killing – or ironically, even getting killed was because of the lack of a male figure of fatherly presence in their lives. In other words, if the boys that killed or got killed were from homes with both father and mother, they will not be on the streets, in gangs and carrying out dastardly acts of violence. and while that may be a partial fact, it cannot be the absolute truth. Firstly because there are many homes and countless kids being brought up by single mums who have never been in any kind of trouble whatsoever. And secondly, being from a home with both parents does not guarantee any prevention from bad behaviour. A lot of kids who live with both parents at home also get into all kinds of trouble.

Being from a home with both parents around is not enough. But the quality of the relationship of those parents is vital to the wholeness of the kids upbringing and development. A kid who sees love in action at home and grows up seeing love and affection displayed and manifested, will undoubtedly grow up as a loving, caring adult.’But a kid who sees nothing at home but abuse, violence, screaming, shouting and weeping every single day of his life will grow up either emotionally damaged or becoming a violent, aggressive and controlling adult as a result of behaviours he learnt at home growing up.

One of the reasons I left my extremely toxic marriage was because I was afraid of the effects it was having on my son and daughters. I was really scared they would grow up knowing nothing good or beautiful about relationships or marriage. But by then, some damage had already been done. It took me many years of prayers and lovingly nurturing my kids as a single mum to repair their damaged mindset about relationships and human behaviour. Nevertheless, you can still hear them sometimes – thank God, not as often – talk about the dysfunctional home they grew up in.

Don’t forget – kids absorb and later emulate what they see from their role models. And YOU, are your kids’ first and main role model.

What behaviours are your kids emulating from you?

Good morning world🙋🏾‍♀️

I_Am BaronessJ💋

Wishing you a very peaceful Sunday.

Britain’s Biggest Recession In 11 Years: What It means For You

The UK has officially entered a recession, with new Office for National Statistics (ONS) data showing the biggest drop in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) since records began.

But what will this actually mean for you?

For many, the word ‘recession’ will bring back memories of 2008’s major economic downturn, when unemployment skyrocketed and productivity stalled. The ONS says that we are now in the largest recession on record as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, so it’s natural that you might be concerned.

Here, Which? looks at what we know about this recession so far and the difference it could make to your cash.

What is a recession?

The definition of a recession is two quarters (ie six months) of GDP contraction in a row. GDP – or Gross Domestic Product – is used as a measurement of a country’s economic success, based on factors including how much people, businesses and governments are spending, and the value of a country’s exports.

The latest figures from the ONS show that GDP fell by 2.2%  from January to March 2020 and again by 20.4% from April to June. This is a stark fall in the context of the past two and a half decades, as you can see in this ONS graph, which makes for bleak viewing. The historic Great Recession of 2008 never saw GDP fall at anywhere near the rate it did last quarter.

Jonathan Athow, ONS deputy national statistician for economic statistics, said: ‘The recession brought on by the coronavirus pandemic has led to the biggest fall in quarterly GDP on record.’ There are, however, already signs of recovery. Mr Athow continued: ‘The economy began to bounce back in June with shops reopening, factories beginning to ramp up production and housebuilding continuing to recover.

Despite this, GDP in June still remains a sixth below its level in February, before the virus struck.’ Find out more: lockdown lifting latest What might the recession mean for your money? Job losses Sadly, job losses could be on the cards for many. From April to June, employment in the UK fell by the largest amount in over a decade, according to the ONS.

Employment decreased by 220,000 in the second quarter of the year. This was the largest quarterly decrease since May to July 2009, in the depths of the last financial crash. There are fears that the end of the furlough scheme in October, could be a cliff edge and lead many businesses to lay off even more staff, or to collapse altogether.

The Bank of England predicts unemployment will double by the end of 2020. On the morning the recession was declared, Chancellor Rishi Sunak said ‘hard times’ had arrived and that more jobs would be lost. We’ve put together a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know if you’re at risk of redundancy to help you prepare if you think you might be affected by job cuts.

Another credit crunch One of the biggest ongoing issues of the 2008 financial crash was credit drying up for borrowers. The latest Bank of England Credit Conditions survey of lenders reported that the availability of unsecured credit to households decreased in the three months to the end of May, and was expected to decrease further in the three months to the end of August.

On the ground, we’ve also seen fewer 0% interest credit card deals, 90% and 95% mortgage deals being withdrawn as well as lenders tightening up lending criteria to certain ‘riskier’ groups such as the self-employed and first-time buyers.

Negative interest rates

To counteract the credit crunch, we could see another cut to the Bank of England base rate, currently at a historic low of 0.1%. The Bank is considering setting a negative interest rate, a UK first which could have a huge knock-on effect on savings.

Hard Times are here – Rishi Sunak – Watch video

The Bank of England base rate determines how much banks are charged for borrowing money. The banks use this money to grant customer loans and then make a profit by charging interest on the repayments. A high Bank of England base rate means banks are more likely to offer high savings rates, as using savers’ deposits to fund the bank’s loans is cheaper than borrowing from the central bank. If the base rate is low, being able to borrow cheaply from the Bank of England can be far more attractive than having to pay interest to savers – which is why banks may then reduce their rates or pull particularly popular savings accounts.

Read full article: What the recession means for you

Nigerian Ladies’ Demand For Human Hair Wigs Fuels A Lucrative Global Trade

My outfit for the day determines what hair I will be wearing,” says Olayinka Titilope, a Nigerian wig-maker. She has a different peruke for each day of the month. The weather also influences her choice. On cooler days she might opt for long, thick locks. During the summer she tends towards lighter bob-cuts. Ms Titilope hopes her hairdos will inspire the customers who visit her wig gallery in downtown Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital. She sells wigs for between $60 and $800. Those at the top end are made of human hair from Cambodia, she says.


She is not alone.

The almost universal trend of human hair wigs at least among Nigerian women is simply awesome and it is not limited to the slay queens, celebrities and influencers. Virtually every woman from the age of 16 to 60 and even older, students or workers, rich and not so rich –  must have at least 1 wig in her wardrobe.

And wigs today are not the massive beehive, drenched in multiple layers of toxic clouds of hairspray creations our mothers used to wear. Oh no! The modern day wig is long – or short, stylish, realistic and easily maintained that is if you can find the time to watch series of “How to” take care of your wig” on YouTube

There is a common joke among Nigerian men that if you cannot afford the cost of at least 1 Brazilian wig, do not approach a lady. And as a husband, you must put aside a quarterly wig allowance for the missus. For the wig has gone beyond being a simple fashion accessory. It is a staple part and parcel of the daily dressing just as much as the flick eyebrow or artificial eye lashes. My 20 year old daughter will not as much as step out to the corner shop without donning and brushing her “hair”. That’s right. Most ladies do not even call it wig anymore. It is “my hair” because as one lady explained – “I bought and paid for it, so it is mine. When you pay for an expensive vehicle, you do not call it “the car”. You call it “my car”! 


The obsession with wigs among Nigerian women stems from the desire to reduce the use of harmful chemicals on the natural hair, while still maintaining a sleek, coiffed and glamorous look. Many ladies including myself who favour wigs do possess full length natural hair underneath. But the natural look is reserved for the indoors at evenings and weekends. Most ladies will not be seen dead or alive in public without their Brazilian or Peruvian! The global campaign against the use of harsh and dangerous chemicals in hair straightening products has brought about a turning away from chemically straightened hair to processed human hair. And the backlash is the growth of a lucrative global trade as human hair dealers search the corners of the globe for the best quality human hair destined for the Nigerian market.  A good wig made of authentic human hair can set you back anywhere between $150 and 400 but you can get a much less expensive synthetic wig from $40; and they all come as a lace-front or full-lace wig. These ones are favoured by students, ladies on tight budgets and those who for religious or spiritual reasons, stand against wearing someone else’s hair… However, most synthetic wigs are nowadays so well made that it can be sometimes difficult to tell they are not human hair.


According to the Economist article, Some African feminists argue that to wear a long, straight-haired wig or hair extension is to grovel to Western ideals of beauty. Yet wig-buyers in Nigeria seem to enjoy variety. Sellers advertise hair from everywhere. Brazilian is praised for its sheen and durability; Vietnamese, for its bounce; Mongolian, because it is easy to curl. One seller in Lagos offers “Italian posh hair” which is supposedly odour-free. Whatever the label says, much of the hair really comes from elsewhere, often China, a source some buyers deem downmarket.

In any case, it really doesn’t matter what feminists or other groups of critics say. The Brazillian has come to Nigeria  – and it is staying.

How I Met My Wife – Otunba Dapo Williams

For Valentines Day 2016, I did a special piece whereby some of my favorite men were asked to give an account of how they met their wives and they very willingly obliged. I think the fact that I bullied them into it also helped (only joking) But I was going through some of my past articles through the years, and I came across this particular one which Dr Dapo Williams had also participated in. I have extracted his piece and posted it in his honour. BJ

I met my wife Tina at a party a friend threw for his girlfriend at the Lord’s Club in Maryland (Nigeria’s version of the US ‘SoulTrain’ a top of the pop TV music and dance programme in the 80’s) of which I was a member.

She had come with her other friends to attend the party for the lady who was also her friend. They were seated in the guests’ area, and I and my friends were in the ‘members’ area. She was introduced to me by her friend who happened to be the twin sister of the celebrant. I have heard about her before then but never met her till that day. We chatted and danced to a few numbers on the night and afterwards, we kept in contact by going for lunch at convenient locations.

She was working with the First Bank at their Head office on Marina in Lagos and I was working with Chevron Oil Company on Victoria Island then. Our regular lunch venue whenever I was in town was then The Museum Kitchen@Onikan, as I sometimes worked on the oil rig and dehydration locations in Escravos, Port Harcourt and Warri.

The rest is history now.

To be honest, I had heard lots about her before then and I had been secretly ‘eyeing’ her by driving past their house on Obalende Road in Ikoyi, from my residence in Surulere or on my way back from the office but didn’t have the courage to stop to say hi as she has a senior brother who was a top military officer who visited their parents regularly. They lived very close to Dodan Barracks then and you do not mess about around soldiers!

I proposed to my wife six months later on my birthday in March of the following year. We planned to get married on her birthday which was in September of the same year but because her birthday fell on a Monday (being a weekday) and her uncle who was going to chair the occasion Dele Giwa (of blessed memory) was out of the country. So we shifted the wedding to the first available Saturday which was five days later.

We got married at Catholic Church of Assumption, Falomo in Ikoyi area of Lagos, administered by Archbishop Olubunmi Okogie and the reception took place at the Military Officers Mess in Ikoyi.

We had our honeymoon in Canada and did some shopping on our way back in New York and London to redeem some of our wedding gifts.

We have been living together now for thirty good years with a lovely home and a beautiful daughter.

We’ve had own share of marital teething experiences, but my wife is a ‘fighter’ as she survived my stray bullets!  The secret of our sustainable marriage is valuing each other, respect for both families, communicating even when we’re having our ‘mini’ marital cold wars and daily prayers!

I am Yoruba from Lagos and my wife is from the old ‘Bendel’ now Edo State but they were all born, raised and schooled in Lagos in Lagos and are proper ‘omo eko’ She respects my Muslim background and I respect her catholic doctrines – we both have a common ground to serve God regularly. We don’t call ourselves by name but ‘Darl – both ways!

Rest in peace, Otunba Dr Dapo Oshun williams

*This piece has been extracted from an article published on this site in February 2016

Get an MBA from Anglia Ruskin University, London. Call +447946 126561 for details

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Meet Young Black Student Who Went From Being A Misunderstood Dyslexic To Doctorate Student

Shaheim Ogbomo-Harmitt is a black dyslexic Caribbean young man who against all odd, overcame early life limitations and struggles to become a top biomedical engineering student.

He attended a non-selective state school in south London and was faced with a plethora of hardships during his time at university. He encountered problems such as being misrepresented, misunderstood as well as struggling with imposter syndrome.

And all these struggles he combined with rigorous studies as a science student and working a part-time job (for more than 15 hours a week) to support himself.

However, with the support of family and friends, the brilliant and focused young scientist was able to graduate from King’s College London with a first-class degree in Biomedical Engineering and a mark of 87 for his final year project!

Aside being a top student, he was also fully involved in social activities while an undergraduate student. Shaiem was the Vice President and Social Secretary of the Engineering Society while at Kings College London. He was a Participant of the Black Googler’s Network Hackathon 2019 and he acted as Student Liaison for the London Young Professional committee.

He was an active member of the KCL Afro Caribbean Society and participated in various internship programmes while still a student.

Now, he is looking forward to starting a fully funded MRes and PhD in the application of machine learning within Biomedicine for the next 4 years at King’s College London.

Shaheim hopes his story can provide some inspiration to all the misrepresented people of colour who believe they cannot prosper academically.

First He picked On Obama, Now Trump Is Questioning VP Candidate Kamara’s Citizenship

Just what has Donald Trump have against highly successful and powerful ethnic minorities that when every form of attack fails, he picks on their citizenship?

For years Trump relentlessly picked on President Obama and questioned his American birthright and citizenship.

Now he is openly challenging the citizenship of the Democratic Vice presidential candidate Kamara Harris with no real or cogent supporting evidence .

A legal adviser and spokesperson for Trump’s reelection campaign is questioning the citizenship of Sen. Kamala D. Harris, a California native and the presumptive Democratic nominee for vice president. Later in the day, Trump said Harris possibly “doesn’t meet the requirements” to serve as vice president.

Harris’s citizenship is not under any serious question, legal experts told us.

The VP has the same eligibility requirements as the president,” Juliet Sorensen, a law professor at Northwestern University, told the Associated Press (AP) news agency.

“Kamala Harris, she has to be a natural-born citizen, at least 35 years old, and a resident in the United States for at least 14 years. She is. That’s really the end of the inquiry.”

Trump perhaps knows this, because he announced in 2018 that he would try to end birthright citizenship with an executive order, which was never released.

The contentious issue arose after a conservative law professor questioned Ms Harris’ eligibility based on her parents’ immigration status at the time of her birth, Mr Trump was asked about the argument at a press conference on Thursday.

The president said: “I just heard it today that she doesn’t meet the requirements and by the way the lawyer that wrote that piece is a very highly qualified, very talented lawyer.

I have no idea if that’s right. I would have assumed the Democrats would have checked that out before she gets chosen to run for vice-president.

“But that’s a very serious, you’re saying that, they’re saying that she doesn’t qualify because she wasn’t born in this country.”

The reporter replied there was no question that Ms Harris was born in the US, simply that her parents might not have been permanent US residents at the time.



Employment Prospects Of Young People Could Be Permanently Scarred Due To COVID 19

A generation of young people could have their employment prospects “permanently scarred” by the pandemic, warns a report from the International Labour Organisation. Those under 30 have been particularly badly hit, due to large numbers working in badly affected sectors such as hospitality and retail. The report also said that an already tough employment market is set to become harder for young people, with the economic slump making it more difficult for those leaving education to find roles. The ILO urges governments to combat the problem through “urgent, large-scale and targeted” policies, such as youth hiring subsidies and training.


According to the report, Youth and COVID-19: impacts on jobs, education, rights and mental well-being , 65 per cent of young people reported having learned less since the beginning of the pandemic because of the transition from the classroom to online and distance learning during the lockdown. Despite their efforts to continue studying and training, half of them believed their studies would be delayed and nine per cent thought that they might fail.

The situation has been even worse for youth living in lower-income countries, who have less access to the internet, a lack of equipment and sometimes a lack of space at home.

The pandemic is inflicting multiple shocks on young people. It is not only destroying their jobs and employment prospects but also disrupting their education and training and having a serious impact on their mental well-being.” – Guy Ryder, ILO Director-General


This highlights large ’digital divides’ between regions; while 65 per cent of youth in high-income countries were taught classes via video-lectures only 18 per cent in low-income countries were able to keep studying online.

“The pandemic is inflicting multiple shocks on young people. It is not only destroying their jobs and employment prospects but also disrupting their education and training and having a serious impact on their mental well-being. We cannot let this happen,” said ILO Director-General Guy Ryder.

Concerned about their future

According to the report, 38 per cent of young people are uncertain of their future career prospects, with the crisis expected to create more obstacles in the labour market and to lengthen the transition from school to work.

Some have already felt a direct impact, with one in six youth having to stop work since the onset of the pandemic. Many younger workers are more likely to be employed in highly affected occupations, such as support, services and sales-related work, making them more vulnerable to the economic consequences of the pandemic. Forty-two per cent of those who have continued to work have seen their incomes reduced.

This has had an impact on their mental well-being. The survey found that 50 per cent of young people are possibly subject to anxiety or depression, while a further 17 per cent are probably affected by it.

Ensuring that young voices are heard

Despite the extreme circumstances young people are using their energy to mobilize and speak out in the fight against the crisis. According to the survey, one in four have done some volunteer work during the pandemic.

Ensuring that youth voices are heard is critical to delivering a more inclusive response to the COVID-19 crisis. Giving young people a say in decision-making to articulate their needs and ideas improves the effectiveness of policies and programmes and gives youth the chance to participate in their delivery, says the report.

The report also calls for urgent, large-scale and targeted policy responses to protect a whole generation of young people from having their employment prospects permanently scarred by the crisis.

This includes, among other measures, re-integrating into the labour market those who have lost their jobs or who have experienced a reduction in working hours, ensuring youth access to unemployment insurance benefits, and measures to boost their mental health – from psychosocial support to sports activities.

Youth and COVID-19: Impacts on Jobs, Education, Rights and Mental Well-Being’, is published by the ILO, AIESEC, the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa, the European Youth Forum, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth.


Popular London Socialite And Restauranteur Iyabo Onigbin Is Dead

The sad death has been announced of London socialite Iyabo Akindele Popoola popular know in social circles as Iyabo Onigbin

Iyabo was the owner of the Nigerian joint in Lewisham, South London, that specialised in hot pepper food.

The name of the joint was called “Iyabo Onígbín” because its mail speciality was peppered fried Snails, a popular Nigerian delicacy

The restaurant Located in Lewisham, South London was the joint to go for “Town boys” in the 90s. It was also the preferred joint for visiting Juju and Fuji artists including Ayinde Barrister, Kollington Ayinla and others.


Iyabo had sold up the business due to health problems which meant she could not cope with othe day to day running of the busy restaurant.

She was also widowed just last year.

Details surrounding her death are still sketchy at the moment.

We shall update our readers as they emerge.

May her soul rest in peace.

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Do Not Be Afraid To Have That Talk. Make Plans For The Inevitable

I am somewhat of a control freak.

I am not about exerting control over other people, no. That will be witchcraft, and I am no witch.

The control I am referring to is control over my own life and what happens in it..or to it – whichever way you want to look at it.

I have been independent since as long as I can remember. I started living away from home right from when I was a year old and I was placed in a private foster home with Mrs Enid Hammond – a woman I still remember till this day as a very sweet old lady. I even still remember her address in Canvey Island, Essex. Anyway, it was not because I was abandoned or had family issues. But in those days, Nigerian families regularly and habitually had private arrangements with private foster parents or nannies with which they placed their kids – whilst they worked and studied in London. I still do not understand, however, why I was the only one of the two of us my parents had put into this arrangement……..

Anyway, before I digress too far. I lived with Mrs Hammond and her family for about 6 years only seeing my parents once a month. As a matter of fact, my memories of my childhood in England are more of my life with my nanny. On getting back to Nigeria in the 70s, I was shipped to boarding school in Ijebu Ode and after 1 year at Ogun Poly, Abeokuta, the only period I actually lived with my parents other than a couple of years completing primary school at Ibadan, I was off to Uni was also hundreds of miles away in Benin city, followed by the compulsory National Service at UCH Ibadan. After that, I returned home for about a couple of years while I worked at OGTV and taught in AGGS, both in Abeokuta before I jetted back to the UK.

Getting married was easy, However, I found that for the greater part of my married life, I was no different than a single woman with kids who just happened to have a ring on her finger. I more or less brought up my kids by myself and I have been divorced and officially single for almost 15 years! That is a long time to be in complete control of ones life!

However, this piece is not about my life or marriage. I had to draw this picture of my journey so my readers will understand how I came to be a fiercely independent control freak. I had been used to being mostly by myself, doing things by myself and making decisions about my life for myself with very little if any assistance – except God and the government and very occasionally other kind individuals.

I find myself wondering sometimes that if I died, would I be able to tell people what to do with “me”? who to call, where to find documents, how to unlock my computer or my phone in order to find phone numbers for my friends, or where to bury me, what funeral rites to give me, my preferred songs and hymns? etc

It is not that one is not aware that once you are dead, that is it. You no longer belong in this world and you will no longer be involved in anything going on down here. But the control freak in me still cannot help but wonder.

And this is why I am writing this article this morning. Many of us are so used to doing things a certain way but we forget to put our affairs in order in case of that unpredictable certainty. We will all die someday, only we do not know when. This is one thing we do not have any say in or any control over. And that includes me, the fiercely independent control freak.

Shocking that even in this day and age, many people still superstitiously believe that writing a will is tempting fate. Less than 1% of men over 50 have a will. Even those with multiple households and relations.

And this is why it is highly vital to make plans and arrangements in preparation for that eventuality. Let your kids and appointed trustees know exactly what you want. And do not leave this till you are struck down with some terminal disease like cancer. People seem to just be slumping and dying everywhere today – and it is not just the old or seemingly unhealthy people. Fitness freaks are slumping and dying in the gym!

Make funeral plans and be specific about the type of burial you want i.e cremation, burial or being thrown into the sea. If cremation, let your trustees know where you want your ashes scattered. If you are a practising Christian but came from a Muslim, sango, babalawo, or egungun background or family, be very clear about how you want to be buried – as a Christian or Moslem.

Also, do not be afraid to make a last testament and will. My own family is currently embroiled in a tussle about my father’s property. In his later life, my dad took in a woman my mum’s age who came with 8 kids from 3 different men. Some of her kids were my age – married with kids and they all moved into my dad’s house with the woman’s aged mother. 18 years after my dad’s passing, the 2 kids the woman “allegedly” had for my dad are trying to enforce the sale of my dad’s house and claiming an equal share each of the proceeds with my 2 siblings and my mum. This is a house my dad built with his wife, my mum when these girls mother was still with her own first husband and never even knew of my dad’s existence.

Anyway, with foresight, my dad who lived over 10 years in the UK could have prevented all this mess if he had drawn up a legally binding will and testament and made his plans known.

My family is not unique in this kind of a mess. Many families find themselves fighting and warring over not just the deceased’s properties. Issues also arise if no one is sure of the deceased’s religious leanings or preferred burial rites. We also hear so much of Nigerian bankers, in particular, getting rich and fat from the vast amount of funds left in accounts of people who died but no one came forward to claim the money either because they had no account access details or were simply unaware of the existence of such accounts.

It is no longer taboo to talk about death.

As a matter of fact, you will be doing your kids a lot of good and favour by having regular meetings with them to talk about these things. Then no relative, uncle, alleged siblings or even inlaw (yes!) can come up with some crazy idea or alleged will that the kids were totally unaware of. There are many insurance policies today other than life insurance that can cater for your funeral arrangements when your time comes. Your family will have enough stress and pain to cope with without the added hassle of arranging your funeral or some crazy uncle to deal with as well.

And if you are living in the diaspora but you are one of those who insist on being buried back home – do think of moving back home NOW that you are still alive! Because it is expensive enough organising a massive burial back home, but your body also needs to be repatriated and this alone can cost anything from £10 – £15,000! So unless you have a way already planned to cover this expense, do spare your children this burden.

In these days that no one knows just what is around the corner, everyone needs to plan – for everything. And it does not matter whether you are 45 or 95.

Don’t leave it too late. Have that talk with your kids as soon as possible.



Nigeria’s First Lesbian Love Movie Is Released Online

The trailer for Nigeria’s first lesbian feature film, “Ife” – which means love in the Yoruba language – has been watched thousands of times since it was uploaded to YouTube in July, generating much excitement among its audiences

The movie producer Pamela Adie, one of Nigeria’s most prominent LGBT activists said “In Nigeria, there has never been a film like ‘Ife’,”

Adie who has been a World Economic Forum speaker and won recognition from the Obama Foundation as a young African leader, added “No film has had the impact it will have, or already has in Nigeria … The reception to the poster and the trailer has been mad. We expect that it will be madder when the full film is released,” the 36-year-old told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Nigeria is a deeply religious country, where homosexuality is considered a corrupting Western import. LGBT people usually meet in secret or online and living openly as gay risks stigma, family rejection or even stoning under Sharia law in the north of the country.

A 2014 law criminalising gay relationships is being used to prosecute 47 men for same-sex public displays of affection after Nigerian police raided a gay club in 2018 although according to the men, it was a birthday party.

But LGBT+ Africans are growing increasingly vocal and visible, with the internet providing a space for gay-friendly films, talk shows and websites, which campaigners say are encouraging greater tolerance among younger generations.

As the government’s film board might not approve “Ife” for distribution in Nigeria, Adie said she plans to release it on an online on-demand platform later this year.

“Anyone who wants to watch will be able to do so from anywhere in the world,” she said, declining to give further details.

Kenya banned its first lesbian feature film “Rafiki” for promoting homosexuality in 2018, despite it being the East African nation’s first film to premiere at the Cannes film festival.


Arts and entertainment are major cultural exports for Nigeria. Its multibillion-dollar film industry, Nollywood, is famed for its lavish tales of romance and witchcraft, which it churns out at a rate second only to India’s Bollywood.

In most Nollywood films, LGBT+ characters are mentally ill or possessed. Spiritual leaders try to deliver them from the ‘demon of homosexuality’ before their sexual orientation destroys the lives of everyone around them.

The advocacy group TIERS has produced several popular LGBT+ films and TV series, such as the award-winning male teenage love story “We Don’t Live Here Anymore” by renowned Nigerian filmmaker Tope Oshin.

Get an MBA/MSC at Anglia Ruskin University London. Send us a WhatsApp at 07946 126561 (UK residents only)

It believes this has contributed to a softening of attitudes among Nigerians towards the LGBT+ community. In its latest poll, it found that 30% of Nigerians said they would accept a gay family member in 2019, up from 11% in 2011.

Adie sees the media as a key force in changing hearts and minds. After going to university in the United States, she returned home to Nigeria to work as a campaigns manager for All Out, a U.S.-headquartered LGBT+ rights group.

A high point of her job was leading a successful campaign to ban homophobic U.S. pastor Steven Anderson from visiting South Africa in 2016, with more than 50,000 people signing an All Out petition denouncing his hate speech.

She went on to found The Equality Hub in 2017 to promote the rights of lesbian and bisexual women and released a documentary film “Under the Rainbow” last year about her struggles as a lesbian in Nigeria.

In the documentary, she describes how her mother rejected her when she came out in 2011 and tried to ‘cure’ her with a drink made by a prophetess who said that Adie’s family were under spiritual attack.

“I was still married at the time that I came out of the closet so it was a very difficult time,” Adie said in the film, which was produced by The Equality Hub. “It was the most depressing and the lowest point of my whole life.”

By making Nigeria’s first lesbian love story, she hopes she can help other women struggling with their sexuality.


XFactor Boss Simon Cowell Breaks Back In Horrific Bike Crash

The X-factor Judge Simon Cowell was riding a powerful electric bike dubbed “the fastest on earth” when he broke his back, according to The Mirror

Cowell is thought to have recently bought the vehicle and hinted that he may have underestimated the power of the bike.

Speaking on Twitter after breaking his back in several places, he said: “Some good advice… If you buy an electric trail bike, read the manual before you ride it for the first time. I have broken part of my back.

“Thank you to everyone for your kind messages. And a massive thank you to all the nurses and doctors. Some of the nicest people I have ever met. Stay safe everyone.”


The Mirror told yesterday how Cowell fell off the bike at home in Malibu on Saturday.

He narrowly missed breaking his spinal cord “by a centimetre” which would may have meant he was paralysed but still had to endure six hours of surgery.

The fall was serious as his back was broken in three places and he required a metal rod put in to fix it during his operation.

He is now resting but is expected back on TV next month for the final stages of America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent.




Police Humiliate Black NHS Worker Falsely Accused Of Having Drugs In Her Bag After Asking For Refund On Purchased Goods

It took the amazing number of 6 hefty police officers to arrest, handcuff and pin to the floor a black woman whose only offence was to dare to approach a jewellery store for a refund on returned goods.

The yet to be identified NHS worker went to ask for a refund for some item previously purchased from a jewel store in Borehamwood, North London but the unscrupulous store owner unwilling to part with his money and oblige the customer’s statutory rights, instead resorted to using the police to teach her a lesson and came up with the preposterous allegation of her having drugs on her possession.

And our brave officers from the “institutionalized racist” Metropolitan Police arrived in a large number as shown in the footage, and without as much as questioning the lady, proceeded to arrest her by throwing her on the ground, indecently exposing her legs and underwear.

This is just the latest in the growing line of horrible treatments being metted out by racist white Britons using an equally biased police force to humiliate black people in the city.

Just a couple of weeks ago, top civil servant Andrea Charles Fidelis who was out jogging near her home was arrested by police officers after being called by a white member of the public who suspected she was a car thief.

And recently, Olympic sprinter Bianca Williams accused the Metropolitan Police of racial profiling after she and her partner were stopped and literally dragged out of their Mercedes Benz and searched.

Then there is the incident of black Labour MP Dawn Butler who was racially profiled and pulled over while driving around East London with a male friend who was also black last Sunday. “Its like you cannot drive around and enjoy a Sunday afternoon whilst black’ said the former Shadow Equalities Minister after what she described as a case of racial profiling. The police claimed they were searching the area because of “gang and knife crime”


One question – when is Cressida Dick going to call her officers to order?



Man Kills NHS Worker Wife Then Commits Suicide

2 young kids have been left orphaned after their father killed his wife, an NHS worker and then killed himself.

Details of the story are as yet unavailable but according to the comments posted on social media, the couple had a stormy relationship with a history of domestic violence.

Stop Holding Yourself Back

It is time to stop rejecting nonsense!

I, rather unfortunately, have the unfair reputation of being known by some people as troublesome, controversial or even stubborn. This tag has been given by people who do not know me at all and by those who know me but do not take the time to understand me or my personality.  Or many who know me but assume I should be grateful for their toxic attention or narcissistic treatment without complaint.

The fact of the matter is that many will label you with a tag of stubborn, troublesome or even unmanageable (that is another one I have been given ) when you refuse to conform to their controlling narcissism or gaslighting.  When you refuse to play their victim or allow them to ride roughshod over you, then you become to them – a difficult woman. But I am happy being called all kinds of name –  if it means I will not take anybody’s nonsense or bullshit. I took it for 16 very sad, miserable and unhappy years in the name of marriage. And the day I took the courageous step to walk away from that bondage, I told myself “NEVER AGAIN”.  As much as I respect and cherish the institution of marriage, I will not be a part of it if it means I become somebody’s doormat, punchbag or dog.

It is not unheard of for a woman to be so enamoured with her partner who treats her like the proverbial s***. A man that very obviously does not like you, and is not afraid to show you he believes he is so much better than you. A man who and will only call you for just a few seconds simply to tick the box for the day, but will never pick your calls.  Many women find themselves in this kind of empty relationships. Yet they are not ready to walk away for fear of being alone – even though they are as lonely as the next single person. And you will be even more amazed to find these men should under normal circumstances, not be able to tie these women’s shoelaces – yet they allow themselves to be treated like something these men scrapped from under their cheap knock-off designer shoes!!!

Unfortunately, and sadly, many people are more than willing to accept to live in misery and accept all kinds of mud being thrown at them either for an easy life, for a useless nametag of “married woman” or just out of some irrational feelings of not being good enough to deserve anything better.

While researching for details about the life of the late Dr Dapo Williams, I was simply flabbergasted at the number of achievements he had racked up in the UK. I was shocked to discover he owned a petrol station, among other high profile businesses and projects. He was also an erudite who never tired of learning, judging by the sheer amount of cross professional qualifications and certificates he acquired in his short lifetime.

And there are many just like him – high-achieving diasporans living in the UK or the US who are not afraid to challenge the status quo that believes in the limitation of black people or immigrants.

Because there are many immigrants or diasporans who have the potential, skills, talents and abilities to achieve greatness in this country, but are holding themselves back because of some silly fear of not being good enough, or not having the right skin colour or the feeling of “This is not my country. Just let me stay with this carer, cleaner or security job for another 30 years and I will be fine”
Many are working in organisations and offices as the cleaner or admin assistant when they are qualified to be the head of Department. Recently, I spoke to a friend about getting an MBA and their disappointing response was “What will I do with an MBA in this country? Who will give me a job? Such a defeatist attitude.
I also recollect when I had my first jeep a few years ago, someone looked at me and the look on their face read “In this same country, how did you do it?” As if it is such an inconceivable feat for a Nigerian to drive a jeep in London??? And it was only a SUV o!

Dapo W
Chief Dr Dapo Williams (1960 – 2020)

I guess the point I am trying to make is we all should know that we are so much more than we think we are, and are capable of doing so much more than the barest minimum.

The world is moving swiftly into a new dispensation – thanks to the global Coronavirus pandemic, and things will never be the same again. Many wonderful people are dying with all their goodness, abilities and big potentials with them. Therefore, anyone that has been given a chance at life particularly after this strange year, must not waste a second of the life they have been given but make the very best of every opportunity.

Each of us must identify the several potentials for achieving greatness within ourselves and for God’s sake, explore, strategise and execute them.

Let us please, emulate the life of Dapo Williams to aim high and stop accepting less than we deserve.


This piece is dedicated to the memory of an outstanding man, an eminent diasporan, a great Nigerian and a fearless leader Otunba Dr Dapo Oshun William (1960 – 2020)

Nigerian Community In London Mourns The Demise Of Otunba Dr Dapo Williams

Dr DapoThe Nigerian community was thrown into deep mourning and a sense of loss as the news of one of the community stalwarts was announced on Saturday afternoon.  Unconfirmed initial reports are that he died of sudden death brought on by a massive heart attack on Monday while at work. Chief Dr Dapo Oshun Williams was a name and a personality known to most Nigerians living in the capital city.

A kind and generous, kind-hearted man, Dr Williams popularly known as DW was loved and respected by many who met and knew him. He was humble, modest and down to earth, but also lively and enjoyed life to the fullest.

The 61 year old erudite was a multiple Masters degree holder with a PhD from University of Salford and numerous professional certificates from several prestigious institutions including Harvard Business School and University of Cambridge.

He was a qualified architect, Chartered Surveyor, and real-estate strategist with over 35 years experience in his field.

He was also a petroleum products retailer and property maintenance contractor.

The fierce Lagosian was originally from Ekiti. He attended Christ school Ekiti and later Federal Government College Odogbolu. He was the Patron of many UK-Nigerian Community Projects and founder of many socio-political organisations including the Nigerian Think Thank Group and The Nigerian Community Leaders Forum. He supported many community initiatives and organisations including the Nigerian Events Awards UK, Gathering of Africa’s Best (GAB Award) and Uncelebrated Nigerians Awards.Dapo WilloiamsHe was a staunch APC-UK member and a founding member of the Buhari Campaign Organisation in the UK. DW was conferred with the title of Otunba Tayese and he has been honoured with several community and professional awards.He is survived by his wife Tina, a son, 2 daughters and a grandson.

He will be sorely missed by many. May his kind and gentle soul rest in peace.


©Baroness J

My husband abandoned my daughters and I because we have blue eyes’

Mum of viral Kwara girl with blue eyes narrates ordeal

A woman whose husband abandoned her and their kids because they have blue eyes has publicly narrated her ordeal.

Risikat Azeez-Ayegbami, a  student of the University of Osun, and a mother two girls who also share their mum’s rare attribute of blue eyes shared her ordeal after travelling to Ilorin for the recent Sallah festivities.

The story came to the limelight after she shared their photos on Facebook. Alabi Afusat explained that she met a family who is naturally blue-eyed and their eye colour made their father abandon them.

Risikat, from Kwara State, Nigeria, told the Punch newspaper that she was born with naturally blue eyes. She explained that after she was born, her parents took her to the General Hospital where a series of tests were done on her unusually coloured eyes but they were assured that her eyes are perfectly normal.

However, as she grew older, she explained, concerned people kept commenting on her eyes and advising her parents to take her for a medical checkup. 

She added that the doctors gave her lots of gifts and told her that they love her eyes.
“I can see clearly and there’s nothing wrong with my eyes,” she said.

What Is the Origin of Black People With Blue Eyes?

Blue eyes are very uncommon among black people, especially those with no Caucasian ancestry. Research has found that almost everyone with blue eyes is linked to an ancient genetic mutation, and a small fraction get their blue eye color as a result of a health condition such as ocular albinism, which affects the pigmentation in the eye. In short, the origin of black people with blue eyes is no different than the origin of any human’s eye color, the deciding factor being genetics.


In short, the origin of black people with blue eyes is no different than the origin of any human’s eye color, the deciding factor being genetics.Research argues that, at one point in time far in the past, everyone on the planet had brown eyes. The first light-eyed human emerged only about 10,000 years ago, says Professor Hans Eiberg and his team of Danish scientists from the University of Copenhagen. In their study, Eiberg and his team recruited 800 blue-eyed men and women across different countries. They studied the genes that coded blue eyes in all of these individuals.They were able to conclude that all blue-eyed people have the exact same DNA sequence to account for their blue eyes. They also found that this DNA sequence contains an ancient genetic mutation which presumably occurred 10,000 years ago around South-Eastern Europe. In other words, blue-eyed celebrities Matt Damon and Elijah Wood are your distant cousins if you have blue eyes. Everyone with blue eyes is related in a distant way.



A relative also explained how Risikat used to be invited to the General Hospital when she was a child just because they were fascinated by her eyes. The relative added that the General Hospital used to “compensate” Risikat for honouring their visit.
Risikat grew older and got married. She gave birth to three girls and all of them inherited her eye colour.
However, she explained that her husband, Abdulwasiu Omo Dada, had a problem with it and abandoned them as a result.

She said he loved her with her eyes at first but after she had their first child and she was born with the same eyes, their relationship changed and it became hard to have a conversation with her husband. It got worse when she had her younger daughter.
“When I had the first baby, it became difficult to have a conversation with him. Till I left with the children, we didn’t have a conversation.
“Whenever I attempt to have a conversation with him, he would get angry and walk out on me.”
She said that when she got pregnant with her second daughter, things were so hard for them that they couldn’t afford food or medical care. She began going to her parents’ home to eat and when it was time to have her child, her parents paid her hospital bills.
The second baby came out with blue eyes too and at this point, her husband’s behaviour worsened.

To make matters worse, his parents also expressed their displeasure with the eyes of his children.
Risikat said: “His parents were asking him if he was going to keep having children with blue eyes.”
She said her husband began leaving home for days on end. Sometimes, he will be away for a whole week and wouldn’t leave money for his family.
She said she began eating at her parents’ home again. After the child’s christening, she said her parents asked her to leave her husband.
She said that since she left, her husband has not shown up to ask after her or their kids.

Top Black Civil Servant Accused of Car Theft while Out Jogging

A black civil servant was accused of being a car thief while jogging near her home.

Dr Andrea Charles Fidelis, who works for the Ministry of Justice, said she was racially profiled and “dehumanised” by an officer in Swanley, Kent.

She was “threatened with arrest” after a man claimed to have seen her leaving his driveway on 29 March, she said.

Dr Charles Fidelis, 41, who sits on the board of a violence reduction charity at  New Scotland Yard said she had sought sanctuary in a railway station after being followed while jogging by a man who mistakenly believed she had attempted to steal his car.

When police arrived, an officer presumed she was guilty without asking any questions and did not believe her account that she was in fear of being attacked by the man, she said.

Kent Police said claims the officer had been “biased and discriminatory” were not upheld by an investigation.

But the force said it had apologised to Dr Charles Fidelis “for the way the officer had spoken to her”.

“I was dismissed by him as not having the capacity to have natural human feelings,” she added.

‘Criminals first’

The findings of Kent Police’s inquiry, shared with Dr Charles Fidelis, said there was no evidence of “discrimination or incivility” and the officer had not breached the force’s policy or the law.

A report said the information available to the officer at the time was “sufficient to identify Dr Charles Fidelis as a suspect”.

She said the force had failed to take account of the “engrained” racial bias of the officer, who had been “unable to empathise or even see me as a potential victim”.

“Throughout this whole saga I have not been treated equally to my white accuser,” she wrote in a blog.

“The embodiment of black people being seen first as criminals, rather than victims has played out at every stage from start to finish.”

The experience left her feeling “brutalised” and “frightened to go out”, she said.

Dr Fidelis she had been aware of a “deeply held resentment in the black community towards policing”, but had previously had a “really positive experience with the police”.

However, her treatment had provided a “painful insight into how it plays out”, she said.

Kent Police said it “takes all complaints relating to racial discrimination seriously”.

It said Dr Charles Fidelis had “appealed against the outcome of the complaint and this is now in the hands of the Independent Office of Police Conduct (IOPC) to allow the matter to be considered independently”.

The IOPC said it was assessing the appeal.

London Faces Critical Time In COVID 19 Fight As Cases Increase in 2 Out Of 3 Boroughs

London is at a “critical time” in fighting Covid-19, a world health chief warned today as figures showed the number of new cases edging up in two thirds of boroughs.

Dr David Nabarro, the World Health Organisation’s coronavirus envoy for Europe, stressed that the risk of a surge in Covid infections in the capital was now “extremely serious”.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, he appealed to millions of Londoners not to “bend the rules” on social distancing and good hygiene with another heatwave on the way. He also emphasised that the “toughest time” to control the virus is when numbers are low because people often struggle to maintain discipline in combating it.

Dr Nabarro issued the warnings as figures showed the number of confirmed new cases and infection rate going up slightly in 22 borough areas.

Hackney and City of London saw 59 new cases in the seven days to July 30, a rate of 20.5 per 100,000, compared with 43 the previous week and a rate of 14.9. Barking and Dagenham saw its number of new cases nearly treble from 11 to 29, with the rate up from 5.2 to 13.7.

Barnet, Brent, Kensington and Chelsea, as well as Hammersmith and Fulham, all saw their rates go up to at least seven, with the number of new cases in the week to July 30 being between 30 (Barnet) and 11 (K&C), according to the analysis by Press Association of Public Health England figures.

Other boroughs with new cases nudging up, often from a low base, include Harrow, Lambeth, Westminster where the number of new cases doubled from eight to 17, Redbridge, Hounslow, Lewisham, Newham, Wandsworth, Greenwich, Enfield, Richmond, Hillingdon, Camden, Croydon, Waltham Forest and Bromley.


Ayan De First Made Liveryman And Freeman of The City of London

NIGERIAN cultural Icon Ayan De First has been made a Liveryman of the City of London. The honour was accorded the popular Talking Drums Artist in recognition of his services to the community and following his performances for the Lord Mayor of London.

Ayan De First performs at both African and multi-cultural events such as weddings and birthdays across the UK and Europe, and has appeared in most major British newspapers and Television channels.

He also teaches Nigerian and African culture in school and community centres offering drumming lessons to willing pupils as well as teaching them how to play native African instruments.

Ayan De First has twice performed at the City of London’s annual banquet where he delighted the crowd with his wonderful display of Nigerian and African music. In appreciation of his contribution, the Lord Mayor of London William Russell, decided to make Ayan De First a Liveryman of the city.

This honour now makes Ayan De First a Freeman of the City of London. He has been officially enclothed with a livery gown which was placed on him at the Apothecaries hall and court of the Lord Mayor of London.


As a liveryman Ayan De First is entitled to wear his medal, vote in the annual election of the Lord Mayor of London, the sheriffs and participate in various other City civic offices, including the Ale Conners and Bridge Masters.


Ayan De First said: “This is not only a great honour and privilege for me as a diasporan and a Pan-African but a recognition of the immense contribution of African culture to the economic life of the City of London. I hope this honour will spur on a lot of our young people to take up the promotion of Nigerian and African culture.


“Given the current climate in which we are, whereby there is a growing appreciation of black culture and the need for more integration, culture is something we need to look at as a means of bridging the divide between communities. Every society has its own culture and it would help if we all took it upon ourselves to learn about other cultures as a means of appreciating one another.”

Most livery companies still maintain contacts with their original trade, craft or professional roles. They also exercise powers of regulation, inspection and enforcement, while others take on the roles of awarding bodies for professional qualifications.

Dubai Crown Prince Pays Hospital Bills For Mother of New Quads Stuck In Hospital


Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum has paid the hospital expenses of a Nigerian mother and her quadruplets stranded in the city with mounting medical bills, according to the hospital.

Suliyat Adulkareem, 29, gave birth to the babies, two boys, and two girls, at the Latifa Hospital for Women and Children on July 1. They were born prematurely at nearly 31 weeks through an emergency C-section and placed on ventilators at the neonatal intensive care unit, the hospital said in a statement.

However, the family had no medical insurance and racked up more than Dhs400,000 (about $108,000) in medical expenses since the quadruplets were born, their father Tijani Abdulkareem told CNN.

The Nigerian community and other nationals in Dubai rallied around them to help raise Dhs42,000 (around $11,500) to pay part of the bills.

The Crown Prince stepped in to pay the bills after he came across the initial CNN report highlighting the family’s story.

He was moved by their plight and informed his office to assist the family, the hospital said.

Abdulkareem told CNN he was shocked by his generosity, and the couple have decided to name two of their babies after him. One of the girls will also be called Latifa after the hospital, he said. “It’s just a huge favour, and we are still in shock because we didn’t even know how to get the money. I had been sleepless wondering how to pay the bill,” Abdulkareem said.

Abdulkareem, a chef at a restaurant in the city, said he was distressed when he discovered his wife was going to have quadruplets. Latifa hospital CEO Muna Tahlak said the hospital staff are “overwhelmed” that he has pledged to cover the full medical bills of the quadruplets who are still being cared for at the health facility.


The babies, two boys and two girls, have gradually been taken off ventilators and two of them now weigh 1.8 kilogrammes. Doctors expect they will soon be strong enough to go home. ‘Unbelievable support’ The couple, who live in Dubai, had planned to have the babies in Nigeria because they could not afford medical insurance but were unable to travel because of the coronavirus air restrictions that prevented commercial flights between the two countries. Abdulkareem said his wife gave birth nearly two months earlier than her delivery date.

The elated father said the family has received “unbelievable” support from the Nigerian community, and various nationalities which has helped them pay for two months rent for a bigger place to accommodate the quadruplets. “We have been getting calls from Portuguese and Brazilian nationals in Dubai. People have been trying to reach us. The Nigerian community has been following us every step of the way,” Abdulkareem said.




Joebolexquisite Cosmetics

Healthcare assistant jailed for 11 years for raping vulnerable old woman in his care

What will make a man make the foolish decision to force himself upon a vulnerable elderly lady in his care?

A health care worker received an 11-year-sentence for the rape of a 73-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s in an Irish nursing home last April.

Emmanuel Adeniji a married father of four children, of Royal Canal Court, Kilcock, Co Kildare, earlier denied the rape charges but pleaded guilty after matching samples of his DNA were found on the victim.

The attack occurred in the victim’s bedroom at 3am of April 3 at the height of the lockdown. A staff member later found the woman in a noticeable state of distress and alerted Gardai after she was informed by the woman of the sexual assault. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the victim’s family was unable to accompany the victim as she was whisked off by a Garda car to a hospital for a thorough examination in a sexual assault treatment unit

The 52-year-old assailant had worked in the healthcare industry for 15 years before the incident. He has no previous convictions and remained in custody since his arrest in April.

Justice Paul McDermott, the presiding judge at Dublin’s Central Criminal Court says Adeniji seemed to have very little insight of the effect of what he had done to the woman. Although he admitted his actions were abhorrent and had expressed his remorse, it somehow felt his words had a lack of depth.

Old woman

Before handing down the 11- year sentence, the judge disclosed that he also did take into account the fact the man had no other recorded offences and that he lived a hardworking life. Justice McDermot said, “this is an egregious breach of trust by a qualified and experienced health care worker.”

The elderly woman’s children expressed how they have been unable to comfort their mother since the rape as she remains anxious and terrified her attacker would return to her room. She gets scared of anyone approaching or coming into her room and keeps checking her bathroom just to make sure her attacker has not returned to the nursing home.

JB Lippy

In a victim impact statement prepared on behalf of the victim, the woman’s children articulated how the effect of the incident devastated and traumatised their mother.

“We always said we will dread the day she loses her memory but now one day we hope she wakes up and doesn’t remember.”

Supreme Court prosecutor Sean Gillane pointed out that the Director of Public Prosecutions assigned this offence in the highest category making the case the quickest processing rape case in the last 15 years. Further investigations are now being conducted at the facility by the HSE Safeguarding Team.

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Impotence Pill Found To Reverse Heart Failure

DRUG used to treat erectile dysfunction could successfully tackle heart disease too, scientists say.

Cialis, similar to Viagra, can raise a man’s potency in bed – but it may lower the risks of suffering a fatal heart attack, it’s claimed.

Researchers at Manchester University have found that sheep who suffered from heart failure and were given the drug showed vast improvements.

The tests could lead to further experiments that may prove a long-held suspicion in science that impotence drugs have heart-healthy benefits.

Prof Andrew Trafford, who led the research, told Scientific Reports that although the drug – whose scientific name is Tadalafil – appeared to work, the reason why is not yet clear.
He said: “The little clinical data we had suggested that in some patients with this particular kind of heart failure the drugs were very effective at alleviating symptoms, but the mechanism was unknown.”


Viagra was initially developed to treat heart disease – but was re-purposed when trials showed unexpected results among blokes.

Cialis is not available over-the-counter and takes longer to work than Viagra – but its benefits last longer.


Pictures Of Hollywood Kerry Washington And her Nigerian NFL Player Husband

It came as quite a pleasant surprise to me when I came across a rather cute Nigerian attired family picture of what was labelled Actress Kerry Washington with her husband and kids.

I have not been an avid follower of the “Scandal” actress who plays Olivia Pope, so the discovery of not just her marital status, but also the identity of her spouse took me as much by suprise as it would many Nigerians who would hitherto have been unaware of these details.

Washington tied the knot with football player Nnamdi Asomugha, after dating for 1 year.

The 42 year-old Scandal actress and the 36 year old San Francisco 49ers cornerback got married on June 24 2013 in Blaine County, Idaho.

Kerry became one of the most buzzed about actresses of 2012 with her breakout role as Olivia Pope on Scandal and her turn as an enslaved woman in Django Unchained.

Nnamdi was signed to the 49ers and previously played for the Oakland Raiders for eight seasons and the Philadelphia Eagles for another two.

Both Kerry and Nnamdi are dedicated activists and philanthropists. He has participated in the Clinton Global Initiative every year since 2009.

The couple have a daughter and two sons.

6 Things To Make Your Man Respect You

As women, we know what we should not do in relationships. Cheating and lying foe example, can ruin the bond of an otherwise loving relationship. So also can dishonesty and disrespect. But do we know what we SHOULD do to build a strong relationship? Here are the six points to consider:

1. Be thankful

Appreciate the things that your partner does for you to make you happy. Do not ignore even the smallest details. Let him know that you can see the change. Be thankful for his efforts even if his attempts are not always successful.

2. Stay financially independent

You are blessed if your man makes good money. You are lucky if your partner is ready and willing to support you financially. There’re plenty of couples where the woman does not work. However, our advice for you is that you should stay financially independent.

3. Cultivate self-respect

Never give up your self-respect. Your partner will never mind being with a woman who knows her worth! Cultivate love for yourself. You are a unique person – appreciate it and be proud of yourself. Do not let your man make you believe that you are an average individual – the truth is that you are special.

4. There is no need to stay in contact with your beloved 24/7

Mature people do not feel like keeping in touch with their partners all the time. Their lives are too busy and there are lots of things to do. Constant texting and messaging is a time-consuming activity. Besides, it is annoying. If you do not feel secure, it merely means you might be with the wrong person.

5. Your personal life belongs to you only

Why would you need or want to share your relationship with the world? Let your private life belong to you and your beloved. Quit posting the news and do not display pictures. In fact, social media can ruin your relationship. Make sure your partner doesn’t mind you posting personal information.

6. You must not lose your identity

Mature people would never give up their identity. It’s great if you become involved in your man’s interests. Nevertheless, you should also have your own hobbies. Have a life outside of your relationship and maintain your own individuality. Do not become anybody’s shadow – stay yourself and do what makes you feel satisfied. Do not give up your favorite activities.

6 Things Every Wise Woman Does in a Relationship You must not lose your identity

Why Women Are Uncomfortable Getting Head If They Haven’t had A Shower

If you’re sexually active,  and not incredibly selfish, you’ll probably recognise the two situations I’m about to describe. They’re situations in which people of two different genders are offered oral sex. (We’ve gone for him/her because it’s the most common sexual orientation, but that’s not to suggest it’s the most valid).

Scenario A Him: I want to go down on you Her: No thanks, I haven’t showered since this morning. Him: Okay. Shall we just have sex? (This dialogue isn’t the finest showcasing of my talent with words, but you see the point.)

Scenario B Her: I want to go down on you. Him: Cool. That’s the thing about having a vagina. You spend a lot of your life worrying that it smells ‘wrong’.

Somewhere around puberty girls start to believe that everyone else’s vagina smells like Chanel Number 5, and that hers is somehow gross for having a natural human odour. This then creates a situation where women don’t want to have sex, let alone oral sex, if they haven’t showered super recently. Personally I’m unlikely to be able to relax enough to orgasm unless I’ve showered in the last six hours, and I haven’t done anything that might make me sweat, and definitely haven’t been wearing tights (not very breathable for the old vag).

Blokes, however, seem a lot less bothered about this. There’s lots for boys to worry about in puberty – size being the main consideration – but there doesn’t seem to be the same levels of revulsion and obsession with cleanliness. Which might be why almost every woman you know will have a story about a smelly, unclean penis.

In all my blowjob giving years, I’ve never heard a man tell me he can’t get head because he hasn’t showered yet. If a blowjob is on the menu, it’s usually going to be ordered, shower or no shower. And most of the time, that’s not a problem. A bit of a smell of sweat is even quite sexy.

oral sx

I’m inclined to say that men have got it right on the topic of oral sex. Obviously no-one should be letting their genitals go feral, and regular showering is important, but it’s also beneficial not to be prissy about sex. Your genitals will probably have a scent to them, and you might have sweat a bit. That’s okay. It’s natural and human and not going to do anyone any harm.

The best kind of sex happens when you’re uninhibited, not worried about smelling, tasting, looking or sounding weird. The more comfortable you make your partner feel, the better it’s going to be.

So, ladies, next time you’re offered oral sex and you’re in the mood and inclined to accept, why not do so, even if you haven’t showered since that morning?

And blokes, if your partner tells you no with the caveat that she hasn’t showered, why not let her know that you don’t mind? Of course you should never push anyone to do anything that they’re uncomfortable, but saying ‘I really don’t mind that you haven’t showered’ gives your partner the opportunity to decide whether it’s their concerns about odour which are putting them off, or whether they’re just not comfortable at all.

Also, please remember that if you have a vagina, sticking the shower head on it before having sex is a bad idea. It might remove any odour, but it will also strip you of natural lubricant and can play havoc with your vagina’s ph, making you vulnerable to infection.


Many of us would have at some point or another, had a relationship that we would have had problems moving on from, and found ourselves just allowing the tiny bit of fantasy of just one more time with an ex.

And while some of us limit our reminiscing on our ex to simple fantasies that are never to be acted upon, others actually take the plunge and proceed to have full blown sexual relations with their exes. In this article, we shall attempt to view the pros and cons of “Sex with the ex”

We’re taught to stay away from the beds of our exes at all costs, and frequently reminded that nothing that goes on in there post-breakup can ever be a good thing for our mental well-being.

But there are also others who believe that ‘ex-sex’ can, in some cases, be a good idea.

Divorced partners who have slipped up and fallen back into the marital bed report that sex with an ex can actually lessen the psychological distress caused by the break-up.

In a recent study published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, researchers at the University of Arizona examined a group of 137 recently divorced adults and asked how many had had the occasional post-conjugal visit after their divorce papers had been signed.

Findings found that most participants (82.5 per cent) remained in contact with their ex after the separation, and almost one-fifth (21.9 per cent) had sex.

Whether or not the ex-sex actually helped a partner get over the end of their marriage depended on how ‘over’ it they already were.

Partners who hadn’t accepted the break-up found the intimate encounters actually helped lessen the pain of divorce.

We’re always taught that sex with an ex is an emotional minefield, but new research suggests it could actually help partners having difficulty coming to terms with a break-up

Meanwhile, partners who had accepted the break-up found sex made no difference at all to how they dealt with it, indicating that ‘ex-sex’ may not be quite as emotionally detrimental as we had previously thought, and that it can, in fact, have benefits for those who are not-quite over their relationship.

Sex toy firm Lovehoney found that more women than men look back with longing on past relationships and admit to having had better sex with an ex than with their current partner

Psychologists believe that break-ups can leave us with attachment needs that go unfulfilled especially where a relationship has ended rather abruptly and that sex with an ex helps to provide some sense of security, and at least partial fulfillment of those needs.

The survey of 1,100 adults found that 38 per cent of women said the best sex of their lives was in a previous relationship.

Sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox said this ‘grass is greener’ syndrome is not new.

A study revealed that one in four men regularly dream about their ex-girlfriends.

Ex sex

And the results, also revealed that the men in question were not necessarily pining for their exes by day. In fact, the majority reported high levels of satisfaction with their current relationship.

But women reportedly benefited from having sex with their ex because it ultimately gave them ‘closure’ on the relationship.

This could be particularly true because in the case where a partner is forced to give up on the relationship where the other partner had found someone else or a major row ended in the spontaneous splitting up of the relationship where strong underlying feelings are still present, a partner will see the ex as unfinished business and this kind of sex could give some form of closure – an opportunity to have a amiable parting of ways.

However, Tracey Cox, sex expert, said: ‘I still think it’s dodgy ground if there’s a lot of emotion involved – if a much-loved partner who has left is interested in sex with you it sends of message of hope – and that could be false hope’

She said: ‘Sometimes we need to go back to move forward, and revisiting the sexual side of the relationship can sometimes make us see very clearly that we’ve idealised the relationship or feel much less pain than we thought. So there’s a sense of closure that can be helpful.’

Cox, who has her own range of sex toys with Lovehoney, warned women to wary before jumping into bed with their ex.

‘On their side it’s a trip down sexual memory lane, on your side, it’s make-up sex with a view of rekindling.

‘If you’re going to do it, make sure you go into it with a clear understanding of what it means to the other person.’

In the hit movie It’s Complicated, Meryl Street and Alec Baldwin star as exes who start sleeping together years after they divorce.


It is however, pertinent to remember that there are reasons your ex is your ex. Even if bad sexual chemistry isn’t one of the reasons, having sex with your ex partner is still a bad idea especially an ex from a particularly bad relationship even if the sex was good and hot.

Even just the phrase, “sex with the ex” will get a spectrum of responses from people. Most people will acknowledge that sex with an ex is a hazardous activity.

Why do people do it?

A number of seemingly convincing reasons: It’s familiar; the sex is always good; make-up sex can be hot; the inability to let go and move on, and the most dangerous of all: the hope that sex might lead to a reconciliation.

Often, when exes hop back into bed together, they each have a different reason for being there. One might be scratching a sexual itch with a tried and reliable partner, then the other is thinking dangerously along the lines of reuniting. Yes, sex with the ex is a very, very bad idea.

So the first thing you have to ask yourself is why do you want to recycle lovers rather than move on? What would you gain from going back into the bedroom with an ex? If you have an emotional reason, stop right there and don’t even consider the idea.

Whether you have recently broken up, or you’ve been apart for some time, if you’re seeking to reconnect to a former partner emotionally, and using sex as the way to do it, you’re asking for confusion and trouble.


If your answer is because of the physical pleasure that you get from sex with this particular ex, again, why invite confusion and complications into your life?

So you had “great earth shattering anytime, anywhere, anything goes kind of sex” when you were together, it’s probably because he (or you) also had “great earth shattering anytime, anywhere, anything goes kind of sex” with everyone else around you, that he is your ex today.

If you want a casual partner for casual no-strings sex, your ex is not the answer.

It doesn’t take long for old patterns – and new – expectations to creep back once you become intimate. No matter how you slice it, sex is intimate and don’t kid yourself that sex with an ex is a simple act.
Often, one or both of you will regret the sex. The feelings afterwards that ignite your memories of one another – either good or bad – can make for the desire to turn the clock back. Or worse, only one of you wants to turn the clock back to before you got between the sheets together, while the other wants to turn the clock back all the way to before you broke up.

Either way, spare yourself the head smacking and heart ache and stay strong, where you are right now. Remember why you both broke up.

You’ve moved on successfully this far. So keep looking forward to new sexual and romantic possibilities and keep the old ones where they belong: in your past.

And if you are still sitting around fantasizing about the great earth shattering sex you had with him, try to also remember the vitriolic and hateful rows you also had or the many he stayed out late or over the night ostensibly to help a friend in need, while in fact he was having great earth shattering sex with your best friend.

It’s difficult when you see your ex regularly, but you can stay strong by arranging to see those mutual friends in different circumstances rather than where you know you’ll run into each other. And if that’s not possible, absolutely engage your support team: if they know you really do not want to get back with your ex, in any way, they will help you (to what extent they can, but really in the end the choice is yours).


And of course it’s common sense, to not be around your ex when alcohol is involved. Drinking may make your ex seem more alluring and attractive, and it will definitely cloud your judgement. A clear head is a smarter one when it comes to anything to do with sex and love, and tenfold that for exes!

In this modern era of greater acceptance of casual sex, it may seem there’s little harm in sex with the ex. But few people are mature enough to separate current sex from past patterns, and even fewer get into bed for the same reasons, and stay there for the same reasons.

Do yourself a favour: leave the past alone and go out there and get your future.


For a few weeks I had been feeling a bit depressed…but I’ve only just realised why!
The kids are all grown up and flying the nest.
My three babies  (25, 21 &18) have been my reason for living for over 25 years but they don’t seem to need me so much anymore and I’m not taking the detachment well at all😢😢😢

As a single parent, I more or less brought all three of them up single-handed. Don’t get me wrong, I was married – but my now ex-husband and I had very different understanding of marriage and family life, so for most of our 13 year marriage till I decided to make my  “single” status official again and call time on the “make believe” marriage, I lived mostly by myself with three young kids under the age of 10. And for the past 11 years since my divorce, it has been just me and them.

Many would ask why I did not remarry in all that time…

Good question.

But first and foremost, the City of London where I live, is not blessed with available 40 or 50-something year old men. Many of them are either happily married (though mostly straying) or shacked up with someone or are good Christians who fear God and take their marriage seriously.

And those who may be available are either content playing the field of London, reliving their teenage years and simply sleeping their way through the entire female population – of both single,  married and lesbian or transgender women alike. And if there are any of them that mustn’t be lumped into this block, they were simply not willing to take on a divorced 40-something year old woman with 3 kids!

Responsible divorced, widowed or never-married men in their 40s/50s are simply not there, so the pulling pool for someone like me has just been – well, dry and empty!

And then, there were my own doubts.

If at any time in those 11 years, anyone had remotely, by some stroke of miracle, come close to embarking upon a serious relationship with me, I would have found a way to sabotage that relationship. The reason is simple – although it did not dawn on me till recently. I just didn’t want another man bringing up kids that belonged to someone else. And I didn’t want to confuse my kids either. I needed them to know their own father and be trained by him. Which admittedly, he did, albeit from a great distance.

I also could not take the risk of someone half-heartedly taking on my kids as part of the baggage that comes with me, but not being fully able to bond with them and love them as his own. I couldn’t bear to have another man move in with us and disrupt the tightly knit unit that my kids and I had formed and become over the years. I also strongly harboured the fear that any man I got married to will be treated like an outsider and in little time, will start to feel resentful of the situation and which will cause problems that could destroy the marriage.

There was also the subconscious  fear of  peadophiles harboured by many single parents lurking somewhere in the corner of my mind. I couldn’t risk someone I thought I knew, come into our lives and mess around with my girls.

You just couldn’t tell with folks nowadays – and more horrific stuff do happen everyday that we read and hear about.

So I subconsciously held back from forming meaningful relationships and stayed single. And in all those years, I was content with the blanket of company my kids gave me. I cannot remember a time that I didn’t have at least 2 of them in the house with me. When my eldest was away in Uni, I had my son and my youngest daughter at home. And for the past two years that my son had been in Uni, I have had my eldest back from Uni and the youngest at home who’s just completed her AS but is headed for Uni next September.

But that was until my eldest called me and told me she was thinking of moving out….

When she told me a few weeks ago that she was tired of living with her mum and sharing a room with her baby sister and was planning to find a place of her own, I thought I was going to die. I quite unreasonably saw it as a rejection and her simply wanting to get as far away from me as possible. Needless to say I didn’t take it well at all!

My first impression was yeah-right!

My second was Oh NO, YOU CANNOT!!!!

I refused to speak to her for 2 days and after that, I tried every trick in the book to scare her out of leaving. But no matter how much I tried, her mind was firmly made up and she wouldn’t bulge.

Of course, I, like every other (African) mother know that sooner or later, the kids will have to move out and start a life of their own, but I also assumed this would be when they get married, but my daughter is not showing any interest in that aspect yet.

Yes she has her boyfriend, a charming French guy called Victor but she is not remotely thinking about marriage. She has just got a really well paid job that she really loves. Next September, she is planning to embark on her Masters Degree and then continue to develop her career, buy her own property (eventually) and then at some point, hopefully before she is 30 – marriage and then kids. But right now, she is just a highly independent resourceful young woman who knows her own mind and no amount of mummy-blackmail can move her. So I proceeded into a long sulk and almost drove myself into depression by obsessing over the fact that Lola was leaving home. In fact, I think I even wept at some point. And in spite of my prayers for God to change her mind, she moved into her new self contained apartment last weekend.

I have rather churlishly, refused to speak to her.

My son, who ironically, was the most clingiest of my three, is currently away on holiday with his friends. As soon as he is back, he is off again to Uni. He has been making it clear he will be relocating abroad as soon as his studies in Uni are over….. yeeee, mo gbe!

And so that leaves me with my youngest. The one I call Baronette.

I have been begging, urging and blackmailing her for the past two years in advance, to strongly consider attending the Uni “down the road” so she wouldn’t have to travel too far away.  Actually, what I really mean is so she won’t have to leave home at all. But she once told me “That is an insult, mum”!! How can you expect me to attend a community University? And out of respect to many of my friends whom I know attended that University, I shall not mention the name. The truth is that I totally see her point. But the moment she travels out of London, that will leave just me alone in a big house – all by myself!!!

The thought of that is enough to age any 50-something year old very fast. And I have found myself employing unfair but desperate, emotional, old-woman blackmail tactics such as “what will happen if I fall down the stairs and there is no one to help me” or “what if I slip in the bath and hit my head” or “what if I get burgled…and raped? on her. Of course, all I get back is “just call the police, mum” or “call the ambulance, mum” or “Stop it, mum. It won’t work”!

The simple fact is that there are many women my age out there who will be experiencing similar emotions. And even the married couples are not immune from these confusing fears. For many married women, there is a stronger closeness with their kids than with their husbands or partners especially in cases where the parents have fallen out of love and grown apart but continue to live together as a married couple.

Some try to rediscover the bond with their husbands and fall in love again after the kids have left home,  but in other cases, unfortunately, the marriage simply irrevocably breaks down because the absence of the kids from the home, magnifies the cracks that had developed in the marriage for years but have been held precariously together by the presence of the kids.

This, unfortunately is also why you see many women abandon their husband to play baby-sitter or “third-wheel” in their married children’s home. I know of a particular woman in her 60s who leaves her husband behind in Nigeria and tours her kids’ homes from the UK to Canada to different states all over the US – simply because she cannot bear to be under the same roof with her husband! Although of course, the official story is that she is visiting her grand-children. And he could be spending all his time flitting from one hotel room to the other shamelessly shagging every available 30-something year old chick!

So, here I am, only 51, and looking at impending alone-ness right in the eyes! And no grand-kids yet to visit… Ha!

When the kids are at home, it is not like we all hurdle together in my bed and share stories – like I did with them when they were little – although, we still did just that a few times in recent years.  We all go out to school or work and return home at different times in the evening. And during the weekends, we also mostly go out separately. Me to my church function or weddings; or awards dinners or birthday parties or just some “Owambe”, and they, off with their friends. And when they are home, we each stay within our own private “quarters” and I never venture near their rooms unless I am invited in – and they very seldom visit me in mine except of course they need something. But at least there is the comforting knowledge that there are others with you in the house.

Sometimes, we all meet up around the chest freezer in the hallway and have a chinwag and a catch up. Or in the girls’ room or kitchen and have passionate excitable discussions on topics ranging from religion to sexual orientation to political correctness to Donald Trump to immigration to Brexit! Many times, these discussions degenerate into heated arguments with them always ganging up against me and disagreeing with my Christian/Conservative/Traditional/Old School opinions. But I do enjoy these “talks” and even though, sometimes they seriously aggravate and infuriate me with their new-age views, I still feel great pride in having kids who are so eloquent and out-spoken and not afraid to express themselves.

Occasionally, we order pizza and altogether,  flop out in front of Netflix; or arrange family date nights where we all go out for a movie and dinner and when we return, everyone retires into their own rooms never to be seen again till the following morning.

But at least, everyone knows there is someone else in the house.

But all that is ending now.

Now more freezer meetings.

No more movie and dinner nights.

No more loud discussions and arguments.

No more meet ups in the girls’ room or kitchen.

No more huddling together in mummy’s bed.

I have a lot of friends but very few that I am actually close with…..and I never really developed the habit of going to someone’s house and sitting around endlessly chatting over nothing – and everything.

And even if I attended every church service, or birthday party and wedding in town, at some point I would still have to return home – an empty home!

And I don’t see any of my church people inviting me back home with them…Each will wave “Bye bye, Sister Jummy!” at the end of each service, and return home with their husbands and wives.

And I, to an empty house and another lonely evening in front of Netflix…..?

Lord have mercy!!!!

I just cannot see myself living like that. I will age prematurely!!!

I have to start changing certain things about my life. I have to prepare for the coming years before I die of loneliness in an empty house.

Last week, I did a story about a man who had lain dead and undiscovered in his London room for two weeks before his wife in Ghana alerted UK police to his missing status. It wasn’t until they visited his address that they discovered his body!!!

God forbid bad ting. That, is not my portion in Jesus name!!!!

I will not die of loneliness or boredom. In fact, I reject it – vehemently!!!

I have to win some huge cash prize and take endless cruises round the world…

Or find myself a husband – as soon as possible!!!!!

Please, somebody!! direct me to the nearest Single Elders fellowship….!





36 SITTING SENATORS of the Federal Republic of Nigeria abandoned their posts and duties and followed Saraki to his criminal case hearing….no one batted an eyelid…. well, not for very long.

But a handful of close associates gathered in a private home to celebrate and rejoice with their friend, James Ibori, who just gained his freedom from incarceration and many are showing great displeasure

Let’s put things in perspective here.

Did people assume that such a person will not have strong army of loyal supporters who will stick by him through any ordeal…regardless of his crimes?

Are we not acting out of hypocrisy to think that James will be seen as anything less than a demi-god by many many people who benefited from his “Robin-hood” largesse and generosity?.

This is a man who many including some who are now openly castigating him would have happily paid just to be introduced to. I have a friend here on Facebook (identify withheld) who stalked and begged me for months to travel with them to Port Harcourt to personally introduce them to James.

University of Benin Nigeria

Now to anyone who might be wondering, James was, and is still someone I consider a close friend. In my third year in UNIBEN, James chased and relentlessly “toasted” my room mate Franca Kaine for the entire year and he was a frequent visitor to our “boys quaters”” apartment in UBTH Doctor’s Quarters. Thus we became close friends along with his friend Larry, who always accompanied him. I always said I got the wrong toaster. James was a really nice guy, friendly, funny, charming and very generous whereas his friend Larry was ……not.

Moving forward to the UK we also found ourselves neighbours when I lived in Harrow, North London in the early 90s. In fact I had to walk pass James’s house to get to/from Harrow & Wealdstone station and in the evenings, I would stop in front of his house and we would chat for hours before I proceeded home.
However I later moved south and didn’t keep in touch (there was no luxury of mobile phones in those days)

I last saw James in November 1993 at MMA in Lagos. I was in Nigeria for my wedding and I literally bumped into him. We had a small chat and he pushed his card into my hand, begging me to keep in touch. But I was with my (now ex) husband and knowing how guys can get, I binned the card (an act I still regret till today!) Cos next thing I know,  bobo don become special security adviser to the then President Sanni Abacha …and later Governor of Delta State! And one of Nigeria’s richest governors to boot….Shege!!!


I remember when I temporarily relocated to Nigeria in 2002, that was actually the first time I heard he was a governor – the only person I personally knew in such a position and whose office I would have been able to enter with just a moments notice.

A lot of our old Uni mates I met while I was in Nigeria could not stop talking about James’s generosity. Many ex Unibenites benefitted hugely from his resources and I gathered that no one who visited him ever left empty handed – including guys.

I was only ever able to chat with James just after I returned to the UK in 05 – up till just before the troubles started and he was arrested in Dubai. This time I accepted a firm invitation to visit anytime I was in Nigeria, but by then, the UK authorities were already on his case and monitoring his associates.

And I was then working with the Metropolitan Police Service so I had to be careful……

So throughout James time in power, I can confidently say that I wasn’t a beneficiary of his widely talked-about largesse.

But I will be a mighty hypocrite if I now start to express shock at the size of the crimes attributed to him. Any matured Nigerian knows it is almost impossible to not be involved in corruption whether on a high or low scale while in government. Even ordinary civil servants can easily indulge in wide scale corruption if they wanted to and no matter how shocked we might be at the level of some of the alleged acts of corruption there is always a bigger one to be revealed.

For every James behind bars, there are bigger corrupt politicians strutting along the corridors of power in Abuja.

And many of us will never consider the corrupt acts of these people should any one of them invite us to work with them or award us some juicy contract. Lailai!!

I have exceedingly negative opinions about many Nigerian politicians, and public officials but I will never dream of dictating to their supporters to replace their loyalty.

No matter how filthy the hands of the Iboris or Sarakis or Oduahs or Tinubus or Fayoses, Diezanis, Obanikoros, Aregbosolas, Rufais etc etc etc might be, they will still be “Big Daddy” or “My Chairman” to many.

Even serial killers on death row have their own family and l