Sistas, When Last Did You Have A Real Girlie Talk?


When last did you have a real girlie “access all areas” (not gossip) chat with another woman?

I don’t mean one where all you do is talk about, slag off and back bite about other women. NO!

I mean one of those talks where you talk about real personal, emotional and heart troubling issues.

I had one of such with my friend Ronke last weekend.

So refreshing.

I had recently become somewhat of a reclusive creature with church & facebook being the highlight of my social life. Apart from the folks I work with, I very rarely get to have any social physical interraction with any human especially since the kids left home. So it was indeed a major incident when I was dragged out last weekend – for the first time in ages, and we ended the evening with almost 3 hours just sitting and chatting in the car.

Sometimes, it is quite helpful to open up and pour out your soul on issues that only a fellow woman will understand. You are then free to laugh at each other, share experiences and compare notes – without an iota of judgmental holier-than-thou nonsense.

It can be so soul soothing and it helps relieve tension you didn’t even know you had. And you get to see confusing things clearly – through the eyes of another woman.

It can also be quite helpful in unburdening worries or depressive issues. Many women are depressed because they don’t speak out and keep things all bottled up and before you know it, they are either commiting suicide or stabbing their husband to death!

Sometimes the way to look at issues we face as woman is through the adage “a problem shared is a problem halved” . And it often helps to hear that whatever you might be going through, someone else is too. And that word your Sista comes up with could just be the very solution you’ve been searching for.

Sistas, get yourselves a girlie chat partner and have a little natter.

It’s good to talk.



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