Woman Claims She Was Raped 100 Times During Lockdown

A studio audience was left in total shock as a woman claimed she was raped by her husband over 100 during the recent COVID 19 lockdown.

The claim was made by a woman who was participating in a BBC programme discussion about the escalation of instances of domestic abuse during the isolation and shielding period of the pandemic.

Viewers of the Victoria Derbyshire Show were left heartbroken as they listened to different accounts of harrowing experiences by several women. But this particular woman’s claim left everyone bewildered and overwhelmed. And Victoria got candid with the brave women speaking out about the horrific abuse, saying she understands those that feel “trapped” and “forced” to live with their abusers as lockdown continues.

It’s learned that the pandemic has seen a major increase in domestic violence, as the women who managed to escape the abuse bravely spoke out about their harrowing experiences.

Viewers were shocked to hear the woman, identity hidden for security purposes – said the night lockdown was announced by the government, her husband told her what’s in store for her.

He then went to subject her to a daily session of forced sex or rape at least a 100 times.