HOUSEWIVES & GIRLFRIENDS – UK Nollywood Television Series.


If you like your TV drama plot full of passion, betrayal, jealousy, adultery, scandal, backstabbing, sex, power, money and all other racy bits that get your juices flowing – then Housewives & Girlfriends is your show.

The first Nigerian TV Drama Series to come out of NollyWoodUk hits the Nigeria screens next September and it promises to hold the nation in its grip in the way the Mirror in the Sun did in the 80s.

I was at a summer garden party with some of the cast members of the production including the effervescent Producer Rhoda Wilson, yesterday, where some of the plot lines of the Season 2 of Housewives & Girlfriends was unveiled. Some of the stories made the hairs of my expensive wig stand up!!

I should mention that I play a small but central part in the series. I went along with my friend to the casting for Season 1 last year – just for the fun of it – but I must have made an impression on the directors and the producer as I was called back to play a role which comprised of 1 very short scene. However feedback getting to me reports that everyone was extremely impressed by my performance and even the studio procurers were highly taken in by my powerful portrayal that they asked to have me back. Yaayyy!!!

The icing on the cake, came when it was revealed that my character will have some real close encounters with a very tall and extremely attractive co-star – hmmnnn….perks of the job, eh!

The storylines, which I cannot reveal for obvious reasons, are deeply representative of the life and styles of the rich, powerful and influential within the Nigerian/African context and portrays how they handle their work, home and love relationships.

With filming done at various exotic locations all around the UK, the “nothing held back” series are set to join the league of the Great Unmissables.

The cast of this cutting edge series include Tolulope Yesufu, Award Winning Helen Gold, Toksy Bello, Funmi Ogidan-Bello, Ade Bello, Mazi Okilo, Vee Nickl, Neilly Kings, Jenneh Adamu, Godwin Ogbe, Ferguson Jack, Victoria Abraham, Ng Thomson Christianah Awotolo Venessa Adekola, Ola Johnson, and Jedida Davis among others. The prolific Nelson Spyk is the Director of Photography on the series.

The first series of Housewives & Girlfriends has already been canned and is set to hit Nigerian screens on Africa Magic on the 1st September 2015.

Filming of Season 2 of the series starts in a few weeks and if yesterday’s briefing is anything to go by, Season 1 which is as racy and as shocking as you could possibly get – would be like a day out in Legoland in comparison.

So get ready for TV drama to set your TV sets on fire and scorch your screens!

Watch official trailer here:

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