Every day we (Christians) say the Grace and pray “Goodness & Mercy shall follow me…..”

Truth is not everyone can handle goodness. And not many can recognise it – even if it is holding on tightly to out feet and begging to be taken.

We go on our knees and pray fervently for something. But when it is delivered, when our prayers are answered, when our heart desire is granted – many of us carelessly reject it – simply because it does not wholly meet our specification. Or it has not come wrapped with ribbons and fancy paper.

We pray for a job but because it does not come with a company car, we turn it down. We pray for a wife but when God sends a good hearted woman our way, we reject her because she is too dark or overweight or been married once before.

And how about we women? We pray, fast and beg for a husband but when a skinny guy with no car approaches us, we reject him like leprosy. It is not my potion! I return back to sender! God forbid bad thing!! Many of us have carelessly and un-discerningly rejected the precious gifts that have been heaven sent to us – after fasting and praying for them!!

Who knows, maybe he was sent as a means to prosper both of you. Many of the Big Rich guys you are using as your model – were once skinny broke-ass nobodies. That size 10 chick with her perfect make up you are using as your specification, was  probably once a shapely size 20 “orobo” who had to work hard and starve herself to be as skinny as she now is. Her make up by a “Winch with a brush” could be hiding a multitude of sins! And her attitude can be as ugly as hell.

We pray for God to set a banquet in front of us and the banquet truly is set, but because it is not made up of the assortment of dishes we expect, we get up from the table and walk away without taking as much as a tiny taste.  Of course someone hungrier than us will come, see the abundance of food and eat till they can eat no more – while we still stagger around hungry!

We are simply too quick to wave away what is possibly “a blessing in disguise” and many of us have carelessly thrown our dinner to the dog.

And don’t let me begin with my countrymen – Nigerians!

Our answer to our cries to God for a leader that can deliver change to our country was possibly heard and our petition to heaven granted. But like the Isrealites,  moaned and complained about Moses, we have done nothing but moan and ridicule and castigate our new man at the top – even though he has been there for less than 100 days!

He is too slow

He is too old

He is uneducated

He speaks with an accent

He has no clue

He is this

He is that……..

just musing

How about actually praying for him?

Why don’t we pray as Christ directed us to pray for our leaders who rule over us? For when they do well, it is for our own good and benefit as well. Castigations and abuses are discouraging and unhelpful. We must learn to hold up the hand of our leaders and give them as much encouragement as possible.

The person ruling over us  might not be what many of us desire as a leader. But what if he was purposely sent to be?

What if he actually is what we need to turn things around and steer things back in the right direction and on the right course?

And what if he isn’t the right age or the right religion or tribe? So what?

How about giving God a chance and trusting him that He can actually do something good? Afterall, God that made the Jew also created the Gentile and can use anyone according to His own purpose and for His own use.

And wasn’t the last fellow a “christian”??

Rome was not built in a day . …and many success stories began with several series of failures.

The goodness of a situation does not always show up instantly but it does not mean it isn’t there.

So in any situation or circumstance of our lives, let us ask God not only to send us His goodness and mercy, buy also open our eyes to see and recognise His Goodness and Mercy when they come our way, and also to be able to appreciate them – and not reject them out of vanity, pride, blindness or haste.

It is well.

Copyright Jummy Ariyo

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