I finally took myself and my 2 ears that have been turning me into a nuisance for the past 3 weeks to my GP.
Folks that I have had to speak with must have been irritated by me endlessly going “Sorry” & “Pardon”  with nothing g

etting in. I have been answering calls on the speaker – still with difficulty and annoying my kids and my neighbours with my TV on the highest possible volume!


After being connected to some machine that blasted – with extremely high pressure – about a pint of water into each ear and irrigated out what looked very much like loose “number two” stuff from both ears – I FEEL LIKE A NEW WOMAN! I CAN NOW USE MY PHONE WITHOUT SPEAKER AND I CAN NOW ACTUALLY HEAR IT RINGING!!

ear wax


Apparently, I must have had years of wax building up in my ears and the cotton bud method of cleaning was simply pushing stuff further and further down into the canals. So I implore you all – first, STOP using the cotton bud to clean your ears. Instead, get Otex ear drops and use on a monthly basis. It helps break down wax and it will simply drip out.
Secondly, if you notice any muffledness, or ringing in your ears or you notice any difficulty in your hearing – there is help. Visit your doctor.

Story – BaronessJ

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