Madonna has displayed increasingly erratic behaviour since she touched down in Australia last weekend for the final leg of her world tour.

The 57-year-old queen of pop has delivered a number of disappointing performances, mumbling lyrics, stumbling through the choreography and taking the stage hours behind schedule.

And the singer shocked fans again on Thursday night when she invited a female concert-goer up on stage and pulled down her corset style top,  exposing her breast to thousands of audience members describing her as ‘the kind of girl you just want to slap on the a**’.

The humiliated brunette stood open-mouthed next to the songstress as she said: ”Oh s**t. Oh sorry, sexual harassment,’ before adding, ‘you can do the same to me, you can make my hole big again”  gesturing to her nether regions.

The stunt is the latest in a series of shocking antics from the singer, who is in the wake of a highly-charged legal battle with ex-husband Guy Ritchie over the custody of their 15-year-old son, Rocco.

After spending time with Guy and his new wife Jacqui Ainsley, 34, at the start of the Christmas holidays, the teenager refused to return to his mother in the U.S.

A woman renowned for her self-control, Madonna’s m

ental state currently appears fragile. She is evidently devastated at her estrangement from her son.

The show in Brisbane on Thursday night started hours behind the scheduled 9pm start time, with promoters offering fans a chance to refund their ticket.

Those who did go were seen leaving during the show, complaining of lip syncing and a lackluster effort from the pop icon, who appears to have almost given up on the final dates of her seven-month Rebel Heart tour.

When she did finally take the stage, Madonna blamed the audience rather than apologise for her lateness. ‘It’s you people that get here early, that’s the problem,’ she quipped.

‘Stay home, do your hair and makeup, have a tequila. Roll yourself a fat one.’

She also appeared to do a ‘shot’ during the concert, although she later claimed this was water

Following her extremely late arrival at Wednesday night’s concert in Brisbane, fans were offered refunds ahead of Thursday’s show as Madonna was expected to be late on stage again.



And it appears quite a few ticket-holders may have decided to take them up on the offer, with Madonna reportedly performing to a ‘half empty’ stadium for her second show in the city.

Addressing her lack of punctuality while on stage, Madonna said ‘the late police had me arrested’, before launching into a swearing tirade.

Fans took to their social media sites to poke fun at all the empty seats at the Entertainment Centre, with one sharing a picture alongside the words: ‘Oh wow. She wasn’t kidding. I’ve seen bigger crowds at a pub. #Madonna.’

The same fan later added: ‘Lots of coloured empty seats for #Madonna. This actually makes me sad.’

Earlier on in the night, Live Nation – promoters of the Rebel Heart tour – pre-warned ticket holders that the show wasn’t guaranteed to start at 9pm.

‘Madonna’s Rebel Heart performance will proceed this evening in Brisbane. Following a late start last night, fans should note, the timing for tonight’s performance may also be delayed,’ the statement from Live Nation read on Facebook.

It comes after concert goers were told the songstress wouldn’t appear on stage at the Entertainment Centre on Wednesday until 10.30pm, but were then left waiting another hour before the star started the performance at 11.22pm.

And once the show did get underway, some fans complained about her lack-lustre performance, while a video which later emerged on Instagram appeared to show her stumbling on stage.

‘Tonight’s performance may also be delayed’: Madonna fans were offered refunds by promoters ahead of her second Brisbane concert on Thursday as they warned she would be late taking to the stage
The poor turnout comes after Madonna was hours late to her Brisbane concert on Wednesday and fans later complained about her performance. An Instagram video (pictured) later emerged which appeared to show the singer stumble on stage while singing ‘Like A Virgin’ at the gig

Live Nation, promoters of the Rebel Heart tour, pre-warned ticket holders that the show wasn’t guaranteed to start at 9pm on Thursday
While the stadium appeared to have quite a few empty seats before Madonna took to the stage at around 10.30pm on Thursday night, fans reported on Twitter that the arena later started to fill up

During Thursday’s show, the starlet appeared to make reference to her lateness, with fans claiming that Madonna poked jibes at the ‘late police’.

One Twitter follower shared: ‘Quote of the night from @Madonna. .. ‘after the late police put me in jail for life!!!”. Gold!.’
And the night before, Madonna had tried to make light of her arrival, telling the near 10,000 crowd: ‘You were here too early. You should have taken your time doing your hair and makeup, then I wouldn’t have been late.’

Following Wednesday’s concert, the superstar also took to her social media sites to post a message, in what appeared to be some kind of reasoning to her latenes

‘Wanted to be perfect for you!’ The superstar also took to her social media sites before the concert on Thursday to post a message, in what appeared to be some kind of reasoning to her lateness the night before

Wednesday’s concert finished after the final train service (12.17am) and fans were warned to take this into account when organising their homeward journey on Thursday night.

‘We encourage concertgoers to keep this in consideration when making arrangements to get home safely,’ the statement said.

The delay is believed to have cost Madonna tens of thousands of dollars because of the wages blow-out for event staff, police, ushers, security, parking attendants and caterers plus refunds to almost 100 patrons.
Following Wednesday’s concert, fans took to their social media sites to reveal their annoyance and vent their frustration, with one calling the 57-year-old an ‘inconsiderate diva’.

‘It doesn’t make you more of a rock star to be late to your own concert,’ one tweeted. ‘It makes you an inconsiderate diva.

‘I could have seen #LadyInTheVan in the time I will spend waiting for #Madonna to show up to #RebelHeartTour which would have been great.’
‘Madonna not getting on the Boondall stage until at least 10:30pm…,’ said another. ‘I am ‘this close’ to selling my ticket for tomorrow night. Too old 4 this.’

Madonna was seen looking deflated arriving for her concert in Brisbane on Wednesday as fans waited anxiously

When she finally turned up on Wednesday, she was seen entertaining fans on stage in sparkly leotards
Although several fans of the star were angry, some jumped to Madonna’s defence.

An audience member remarked: ‘They announced @Madonna won’t be on before 10:30. I don’t f****** care I’ve waited 23 years what’s a few hours more. #myqueen #madonna.’

With tickets worth approximately $600, it is not yet known whether guests were given a refund.

Fans were seen chanting for Madonna to come out on stage on Wednesday

One picture which appeared on social media showed disappointed crowd members leave the venue on Wednesday and head to the ticket office for a refund
Earlier this month, the US star outraged fans in New Zealand after she took to the stage one-and-a-half hours late.

Prior to that, Madonna arrived for her performance close to midnight (three hours late) during her concert at the SM Mall of Asia Arena in the Philippines.

And in January she was two hours late for the third time in one week during the American-leg of her Rebel Heart tour.

Elsewhere, for her one-off Tears Of A Clown show in Melbourne, Madonna fans were only allowed into the theatre space shortly before midnight – nearly four hours later than scheduled.

The doors were supposed to open half an hour before her free stand-up gig – a mixture of comedy, story-telling and music – planned to start at 9pm.
Meanwhile, the singer’s constant lateness could affect the amount of money she makes during her tour as venues are able to fine artists who run over their dedicated time schedule

In 2008, the superstar was fined a whopping £135,000 (AUD$258,326) for her late-running show at the Wembley stadium in London.
According to reports, Madonna was reportedly fined ‘tens of thousands of pounds’ last December after she was an hour late during her concert in Manchester, England

Meanwhile, documenting her return to Australia for the first time in 23 years, Madonna has announced that she will film her Sydney concerts at the Olympic Park this weekend.

These are the final two shows of her seven-month Rebel Heart world tour where the artist has performed 80+ shows in over 20 countries.

Throughout her global stint, Madonna has pulled several actors, comedians, fans, fellow musicians and even a news anchor to the stage for a special dance as her Unapologetic Bitch.

This weekend in Sydney Madonna will choose a few fans as her ‘Unapologetic Bitches’ – all which will be documented by the taping this weekend.


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