A 900lb man struggling with painful open sores from the friction of his excess skin is forced to urinate in a bucket placed in front of his bed because he is too heavy to stand for more than 30 seconds.

On Wednesday night’s episode of the TLC reality series My 600lb Life, Sean Milliken, 25, from Cameron Park, California, admits that he can’t do anything for himself anymore, including bathe on his own.


‘Every day I wake up I have to face the reality of what my life has become. I am so big now; I can hardly move,’ he says in a preview clip from the episode. ‘All I can do on my own is skooch to the end of my bed, go to the bathroom and see if my mom is awake.’

Sean can be seen using a bar hanging from his ceiling to sit up before he wiggles down to the end of his bed and crouches down to urinate in a blue bucket.


‘I can get up, but I can only walk a few steps, so I just stay here in this bed no matter what,’ he explains. ‘I can’t do anything for myself anymore.’

Sean’s mother Renee tells the cameras that he has to be ‘taken care of from head to toe’.

‘You know, everything has to be done for him,’ she says.

Sean confesses that he only moves when has to because it hurts to much for him to do anything.   

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