Following the same real-time format as predecessors “24” and “24: Live Another Day,” “24: Legacy” follows Sgt. Eric Carter as he joins forces with former National Director of CTU Rebecca Ingram in a race to prevent a major terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

After leading an elite squad of Army Rangers in a mission to kill terrorist leader Ibrahim Bin-Khalid, a fatwa declared against the team members and their families by the Shiekh’s followers forces Carter into federal witness protection. An attack on Carter’s life makes it clear that their identities have been exposed, leading him to enlist Ingram’s help. The two uncover a terrorist network that leaves them questioning who they can trust.


Fox CEO Dana Walden was “a little sad” after receiving poor ratings of “24: Legacy” starring Corey Hawkins. In fact, she even said they are still uncertain of the drama’s future with its current performance.

However, Walden told Deadline they would consider to renew “24: Legacy” for another season only if the series will recover its lost viewers.

“We’re just going to have to see how our pilots come in, how it continues to perform and weigh all of the information we have in May,” she said.

“24: Legacy” first aired on Feb. 24 with 17.6 million viewers, the weakest numbers for a post-Super Bowl program viewership since “Alias” in 2003. Walden admitted it was “over-ambitious” of them to launch the drama right after the sports event and another episode the following night.

Despite their efforts to promote the American series, the Fox boss thought they failed to make things clear about their broadcast schedule. Although she has high hopes of the series, Walden said she is still proud of “24: Legacy” and the people behind it.

“I’m wondering whether broadcast can sustain something so serialized,” she added.


The ongoing American series is a spin-off of Jack Bauer’s “24.” The 12-episode show centers on the life of Eric Carter, a war hero who led the US Army Rangers in killing a terrorist in Yemen.

As a result, followers of the slain rebel move to counterattack Carter, his squad and their families. Hawkins shares the small screen with Miranda Otto who takes the role of Rebecca Ingram in “24: Legacy.”


From over 17 million viewers for its first episode, “24: Legacy” continues to experience a freefall in terms of ratings. For its March 6 installment, the Fox series recorded a viewership of 3.7 million, their weakest episode as of yet.

Many die hard 24 fans that are sticking with the series would more likely be doing so out of loyalty to the franchise but not because the new 24 has so far given them the same level of rush as it did with Jack Bauer’s lead. But at episode 3, it is early days yet. Hopefully the series will pick up momentum and get loyal fans the excitement they had waited this long for.

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