Please someone help a confused almost middle aged woman (chai!!! I can’t believe Im saying that!!) out!!

Is it just me that thinks that the word BILLION has now become a Nigerian obscenity?!

In my days (again!!??) when you talk about rich people, you talk about millionaires. Many were indeed blessed if they came close or actually achieved that glorious feat.
But nowadays – especially in Nigeria, people seem to just throw the word “BILLION” around like a pack of chewing gum. In a country where there is no running water, electricity, decent education and workers cannot be sure when or if they would get paid, certain individuals are declaring personal assets of N90B and 40 houses in 1 city!!! What is it that one can do to be able to accrue 1 billion – talk less of 90!!!???
Call me naive or out of touch – but a billion is a lot – whether you are counting numbers 1,2,3 or you are counting cash.That is a huge amount of money and even some African countries aren’t worth that much.
So when 1 single individual in any country is worth 90b naira or 2 billion dollars in another case, it still beggars the question – what did they do to accrue that much? If its possible to attain such wealth in Nigeria – why then are there so many poor and why is there so little development??

In certain networks, if you are a millionaire, you are still struggling. Even our President is a common pauper by this standard.

So what does that say about folks like me that do not have even £1000?? (N300,000)
I pray to Jehovah God to please open my closed eyes to see ways that I too can make that kind of money while I’m still young enough to enjoy it with my children.

Afterall, awon kan olori meji ke, haha! (no one has 2 heads)

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