presidentMy dear lovely brethren & countrymen
Now that the hope, wishes and desire of the good people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria have been granted and Jehovah has – against all kinds of odds and evil machinations, made this auspicious day possible and brought about the successful inauguration of Sai Buhari as our new President, let us be aware that our work has just began.
WE must not relent in our prayers – if anything, we must intensify in them. WE must pray and pray hard that everything the General desires to achieve towards the regeneration of our nation, he will be able to. That he will not fail and he will not be discouraged or tired.
Many – even today, are waiting eagerly for the very first signs of weakness and are expecting this administration to fail. Let us pray for their shame and disgrace as they wait and wait in vain.
Rather, to their utter disappointment and humiliation, Olodumare will through the hand of this strict disciplinarian, bring about the changes and revolution that we so desperately need in our nation. For too long, bad governance, wanton waste, woeful administrative practices, widespread selfishness and unbridled corruption have been the order of the years in our nation.
We need changes and Baba has promised us changes.
But they will not come overnight.
However, if we pray hard and co operate with this new leadership, we will start to see the changes – but we must also play our part. We must give them time. The damage to our country’s systems by the past administration is extensive. But with God’s help, things can be turned around.
We can not and must not expect to see magic or overnight successes. We must exercise patience, resilience and strength of character.
The damage to our nation was not effected in one day or ome year. The processes to rebuild our nation and repair the damage won’t either.
But at least, we believe and trust God that He has given us a leader that will take us on the path to a new beginning.

God save our President
Long live the Federal republic of Nigeria

Copyright Baroness J
May 29th 2015

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