The city of London is now set for the Revalidation Summit taking place on Saturday 6th February 2016 with Nurses and midwives from all over the UK expected to attend.

In accordance wit UK’s new employment laws, taking effect from April 2016, the only way a nurse or midwife will be able to renew their registration with the NMC will be through the revalidation process. It is a mechanism by which nurses and midwives will provide evidence that they are living the NMC code in their professional practice and personal development.



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There is no exception to over 600,000 nurses and midwives on the NMC register. Every nurse or midwife will need to provide evidence that they have met the standards to their manager or confirmer otherwise they would not be able to continue practising.

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Revalidation demonstrates continued ability of a nurse or midwife to practice safely and effectively. NMC Revalidation is real and there is no going back. Your own revalidation is your own responsibility and yours alone. You are accountable for your own revalidation.

The summit is being organised by a former NHS Clinical Service Manager/Modern Matron and Director of Employment Law Consultancy firm ERRAS, Dr Abbey Akinoshun.

According to Dr Akinoshun, the aim of the revalidation summit which will hold at at Holiday Inn Stratford City, London, is to assist nurses and midwives in familiarising themselves with the re-validation requirements and relevant tools. It is also to guide them in demonstrating that they have met such requirements, in other words to demystify the revalidation process.

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The summit will feature reputable and high profile speakers including top Coach and trainer Dr Dayo Olomu, who have been carefully selected to facilitate the summit. This is a once in a life time opportunity for all the nurses and midwives in the UK, DR Akinoshun added.

Further information on the summit can be obtained by calling 0207 140 0111 or 07451 956 510 or via e-mail:


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