A breastfeeding mother was ordered to a cinema after she took her baby to watch a 15-rated film.

The woman, who wishes only to be identified as Emma, had taken her 13-week-old son, Isaac, to see Room at the Cheltenham branch of Cineworld, and was mid-way through the film when she approached by a member of staff.

The employee told Emma that her son was underage so she had to leave the film. Emma responded that when she bought the tickets nothing was said, and her son was not making any noise during the film so other members of the audience were not disturbed anyway.

‘I sat down and started to watch the film,’ Emma told MailOnline.

‘When I could see Isaac wake and start wriggling I took him to the dark entrance and fed him out of the way where no-one could see – I didn’t want to offend anyone.

‘The manager walked past twice sorting some other people who had issues with their seats and he smiled at me. He then returned about an hour into the film and asked to speak to me outside.’

A staff member then told Emma she could not go back into the screen with Isaac to retrieve her bag.

On Facebook, Emma’s friends said that Cineworld had handled the situation poorly.

‘Ridiculous. They should have turned you away at start or not at all,’ wrote Joanne Vickers.

Cineworld Cheltenham apologised to Emma.

‘Parents can exercise discretion on whether to allow their child into a film with a rating of 12A or under,’ Rob Steere, general manager, said.

‘However, those under the age of 15 years (including infants) are strictly prohibited from attending 15 rated films, as stated by the BBFC.’

‘It’s with this policy in mind that Emma was politely asked to leave the 15 rated screening in order for us to comply with the law, whilst also being offered an alternative screening for her and her friends.’

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