Outrage At Racist Chinese Restaurant In Lagos, Nigeria That Only Allows ‘Locals’ If Accompanied By A Chinese

I came across this incredulous post on social media about a Chinese Restaurant in Lagos, Nigeria with a shocking racist and apartheid policy regarding allowing entry to ‘locals’ or in other words, Blacks.

I could not contain my feeling of horror at reading messages by several so called locals who had decided to patronise the Shi Shi restaurant in Ikeja only to be turned away for not being Chinese or having one in their party.


Some who visited the restaurant after hearing the account of others, went to see for themselves and were also met with the same treatment. A friend who spoke with one of the people involved confirmed this gist. One of them said that was the first time she has ever been referred to as black – IN NIGERIA!.


One can only wonder how in this day and age, people can expect to get away with such racist behaviour. It might be understandable if this was happening in China and you refuse entry to non-chinese.

Afterall, it is your country (sic)

But to open a restaurant or indeed any business in Nigeria and refuse entry to Nigerians, is a massive insult and a big slap on the Nigerian face.

But if I know my people. This racists will not be allowed to get away with this crap for long.


fb_img_15529082157351739166137527079135.jpg fb_img_15529082249881976166881142749785.jpg

People have been known to face summary jungle justice for far less crimes!

But more importantly, is this been brought to the awareness of Lagos State authorities…and if yes, how have they allowed this ugly situation to exist unchecked?

This – is wholly and extremely unacceptable!!!

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