Do not rely on your feelings!

The rest of your life is more important than what you’re feeling right now.

Feelings by their very nature are fickle, reactional, transient, unreliable and prone to change.

Feelings come amd feelings go.

Feelings are emotional – and often cloud one’s judgement during turbulent or heightened sensitive moments such as anger, happiness, lust, gratitude, pain or even percieved danger.

The way you feel one minute may not be the same way you will feel the next. Feelings are known to be stirred by current situations and occurences and once you are out of those situations, you can be sure that your feelings will change too.

So before you take any major decisions based on your feelings,

Sleep on them.

Meditate on them.

Chew on them

Pray on them.

If possible, seek the opinion of others.

For in a matter of hours, days, or even years, you may find that he feelings you once had are not there anymore, and you no longer feel the same way within yourself as you did not too long ago.  But if you have made a life changing or major decision during that most vulnerable period, you can find yourself stuck in a situation, agreement or commitment you are uncomfortable or unhappy with. And detaching one’s self could prove to be an even more expensive, painful and traumatic process and experience than the brief pain of denying one’s self that shortlived joy in the beginning.

So my friend, before you make a decision you have to live with for the rest of your life, let those feelings pass…


Jummy Ariyo (BaronessJ)


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